TGIFriday’s Random Ten

Come Out And Play – Offspring
Chrome Plated Heart – Melissa Etheridge
Can You Forgive Her? – Pet Shop Boys
Somebody’s Crying – Chris Isaac
I’m Tore Down – Eric Clapton
D For Democracy – Spirit Of The West
Take A Picture – Filter
Tribute – Tenacious D
Invisible – Clay Aiken
Get Down On It – Kool & The Gang

I tried to watch The Grudge last night while Geoff was at Building Brothers, but after 30 minutes it was too spooky for me. 🙂 So I ended up watching Rudy. I had never seen it, it’s one of Pastor Jim’s favorite movies, and also a movie Geoff saw on a date with someone in high school. Now, teasing him about seeing it is forever done. 🙂 It was an alright movie, and I’d probably watch it again.

I Was There To Match My Intellect…

I took the Jeopardy preliminary test last night. For the first time, they were allowing people to take the test online. Passing the test doesn’t mean a whole lot, it just allows you to take the test a second time at a location you’ve chosen from their list. If you pass the test again, you get to play a mock game, with buzzers. Then you have a personality interview. Here’s where I tell you the part that sucks: you never find out how you did on the test. (what?) I know someone who had taken the preliminary test before (I’ll keep you anonymous in case you didn’t want people to know), so I knew the procedure and rules. The test lasted 10 minutes, 50 questions, and 15 seconds per question. It was hardly time to think and I had to write out my answer (not in the form of a question). The categories ranged from history, Victorian lit, actors, biblical names, nations, medicine, ect. It was very challenging, and I didn’t know nearly as much as I though I did. But it was entertaining, and I know I won’t be hearing from them. Had I passed, they would invite me to L.A. (my selected city) to take the test again. But I’ll never know how many I got right, just as my friend would never know how close they got (but I’d guess close). In any case, I can take the test again in year (your eligible to take it once a year). Now I better get to studying.

I watched Beyond The Sea earlier this week. It was a good movie, and I was surprised it was passed over for Oscar nominations two years ago. It’s not Best Picture worthy, but Kevin Spacey is wonderful and his singing is very good. The music was the best part, but being a biopic on Bobby Darin, you’d hope the music stands out. The rest of the cast was good too, Kate Bosworth was… well… Kate Bosworth. She’s not a great actress, but she’s okay. I guess I’d like to see her try a role with some meat to it.

Scrubs is available on iTunes! Well this season anyways. ‘Bout time! I don’t think I’ll buy any episodes, I’d rather buy the DVDs. Still no word on if there will be another season, or if NBC is keeping the show. Frankly I’d be surprised if it went another year.

I suppose I’ll close now with a quote from Beyond The Sea.

Charlie Maffia: You wanna send roses to the mother?
Bobby Darin: Charlie, you always make sure the mama dog likes you before you go near her puppy.

Misc Thoughts

Finally House is back after a too-long hiatus (I’d forgotten that Wilson moved in). It was a great episode, and Fox promises no more breaks as we head towards the season finale. My favorite thing last night? Seeing that House has Blackadder on his TiVo.

Coinstar is the bomb! I was able to turn all my change into an Amazon gift certificate for free! Now I have to narrow down (of my 188 items) what I want to put my $19 towards. Can you believe I had that much change? I need to remember that I need to have at least $5 in change if I want to get another certificate. They have other “no-fee” options, which I think is better than having to pay to get my change in cash.

You’ve probably already heard this, but there is going to be an Ocean’s 13. As of yet, no Julia Roberts, or Catherine Zeta-Jones. And this time ’round, Linus gets the love interest. Expect to see it in theatres 2007.

Got in touch with Brittney, Nicole’s sister. When she gets back from spring break this weekend, we’ll set a date for her to come babysit Elijah.

I had a dream last week that Lisa flew here to see me, and we saw Captain Tractor (with Brock) open for Aerosmith. It was a good concert, for a dream. Steven Tyler was really impressed with Brock’s improvised song.

I wanted to rant about how I’m so sick of the expression “free speech”. How free speech should not be without responsibility. But I’m just too tired of expelling energy on it. I have a lot of things I’m tired of expelling energy on, so I usually vent to Geoff or Lisa, and then I let it go.

It’s another gorgeous day here, I may go to the park with my girlfriends.

I’m going to close with a quote from Life Of Brian.

Reg: If you want to join the People’s Front of Judea, you have to really hate the Romans.
Brian: I do!
Reg: Oh yeah, how much?
Brian: A lot!
Reg: Right, you’re in.

I Kick Ass!

You scored as Maximus. After his family was murdered by the evil emperor Commodus, the great Roman general Maximus went into hiding to avoid Commodus’s assassins. He became a gladiator, hoping to dominate the colosseum in order to one day get the chance of killing Commodus. Maximus is valiant, courageous, and dedicated. He wants nothing more than the chance to avenge his family, but his temper often gets the better of him.



Neo, the "One"


James Bond, Agent 007


William Wallace


Indiana Jones


Batman, the Dark Knight


Lara Croft


The Terminator


El Zorro


The Amazing Spider-Man


Captain Jack Sparrow


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
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Ha Ha Ha

If I didn’t have Geoff around, I don’t think I’d laugh nearly as much, and I love laughing. This weekend had so many laughable comments, but I doubt they translate as well on a blog. Elijah is also very funny, he makes the funniest faces, and he loves laughing too.

Robot Chicken is coming out on DVD next month! If you haven’t seen any episodes, seek it out, and laugh your butt off.

I got Kelly’s itinerary yesterday and I’m super stoked that she & Roman are coming for a weekend. I’m excited to meet him and I’m excited for them to meet Elijah.

April will be a busy month, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The BBQ guest list is a good size, it’s up to 15 and two more families still haven’t responded. It’s just the usual circle of friends we see on Sundays. Then in a week Diane & Glen will be here, then Kelly, then Geoff is off to Monterey for a week. Once he gets back it’s time for the Cherry Creek Sneak.

This weekend we watched The Birds, as Geoff had never seen it, and I haven’t seen it in almost 15 years. I find it suspenseful despite the fakeness of the bird attacks.

I’m going to close with a quote from Ed Wood.

Bela Lugosi: This is the most uncomfortable coffin I’ve ever been in.

Quiz Time

Thanks Roland!

What’s in a name:
1. Your initials?
MJA (used to be MJT)

2. If you could have named yourself, what would your name be?
I dunno, but in 5th grade I wanted to change my name to Beth, and had my student teacher call me that.

3. Are you named after anybody?
Nope, I don’t even know how my parents decided on it.

4. Name of your favorite drink?
NA: Water
Cocktail: white wine spritzer is the only thing you’d catch me drinking.
Shooter: never did shooters.
Beer: hate beer.
Wine: sweet white wine is okay.

Let’s get physical:
1. Most recent injury?
I’m always bumping into things so I’m covered in bruises.

2. How tall are you?

3. Have you ever stayed overnight in a hospital? If so, why?
Twice, once when I got my tonsils out, and most recently having a baby.

4. Your favorite dance?
either a polka or the chicken dance.

5. Do people say you look like someone else?
My mom, but if anyone thinks I look like someone famous, let me know.

School house rock:
1. What sports or clubs were you involved with in high school?
If you could say our school had a drama club, I’d be there. Also if you could say there was a club for us freaks hanging out in the cafeteria playing bridge, or other card games…

2. What was your school mascot?
McNally Tigers! Go Roary!

3. Grades – Important or just letters?
Just letters to me.

4. School colors?
Brown & Orange

5. How many pages of your yearbook can you be found on?
hmm, maybe two.

6. Favorite subject?

The entertainer:
1. What are you listening to right now?
Blondie -Heart Of Glass

2. Last DVD you purchased?
can’t say it’s a birthday present for Geoff from Elijah. 😉

3. Movie you want to see?
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (July ’06)

4. Most random song on your ipod/MP3 player?
Veggie Tales songs

5. All-time favorite TV show?
eep, uh, couldn’t say. Anything that makes me laugh until I cry.

Fortune cookie:
1. What do you think your future holds for you?
joy & heartbreak

2. Where would you live if you could pick anywhere on the map?
I’m pretty happy here, but I wish my friends were closer.

3. What is your next scheduled vacation?
June- road trip to CA!

Let’s be friends:
1. What friend brings out the crazy in you?
probably Lisa or Heather

2. Friends or lovers?
I’m good on lovers, I’ll take friends.

3. Most opinionated friend?
I’m the most opinionated of my friends, so I dunno. I’ll pick Roland (but he’s opinionated in a good way)

4. How would your friends describe you?
I’d hope they would say genuine, or hilarious.

5. Most accomplished friend?
Geoff. But I would say most of my friends are accomplished.


Mom & Grandma left early yesterday morning. We went right to Caribou afterwards getting there just after it opened. We were the only ones staying there to enjoy our coffee. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, it was warm enough to not need a coat. Today the wind is blowing and Geoff has to run 11 miles. We’ll clean the house, and hang out. We all slept in until almost 8am, so we missed church.

Not much has been going on with me, and not much is on the horizon. In two weeks Glen & Diane will be here. I have no Mom To Mom for the next two weeks.

I borrowed some movies from the library that I need to watch, The Grudge and Beyond The Sea. Hogan Knows Best returned with a new season, so we’re watching that, and I’ve been watching Top Chef. I try to steer clear of reality shows, but it’s so funny to watch Hulk Hogan’s parenting skills.

I’ve been trying to keep on top of my correspondence, and I’d like to make time to read. But it’s so nice to take an afternoon nap.

Saturday we’re having a bbq with our friends to celebrate Geoff’s birthday early. It’s BYOB, Bring Your Own Barbeque-ables. What ever you want to throw on the grill. I’m hoping the weather will be nice enough to sit outside. We don’t have patio furniture, so I’ve asked people to bring foldout/camping chairs. Just a low-key gathering with friends.

Well, I’m gonna close with a quote from Grosse Pointe Blank.

Marty: I’m a professional killer.
Paul: Do you have to do postgraduate work for that?