Nothing To Say

I feel like I’m neglecting my blog, but I really don’t have anything to say. I’m just dawdling along in my world, trying to stay sane, whilst I spend my day with two very active toddlers. I thank God we don’t have more kids, because some days I feel so stressed.

I have some things I’d like to do this year, and wondering where I will find money for those, as well as the huge goal of saving for DisneyWorld. Add to that, we still have bills to pay, and that pesky green card application…

On a sunnier note, we’re taking a trip up to Ft Collins for Geoff’s race on Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Colorado. And watching Geoff run is exciting. I hope to amuse the kids while we wait for the finish (and hopefully his BQ). We’re going to have to take 2 cars, since I don’t love Geoff enough to get up at 4am to drive him to the race. 🙂

ABC is going to air the last few episodes of Eli Stone this summer. I’m pretty bummed that a great show like that wasn’t more popular. I did discover a new show on the Science channel, Mantracker. It’s a Canadian show (been airing there since 2006). Even Elijah will watch it.

So that’s all that is going on. I’m pretty much content and stressed, and missing my family. I haven’t seen my mom since August, and likely won’t see her until January. I don’t even know when I’ll see my brother. Right now, I’m hoping to see Kelly sometime this year. 🙂

I will close with a quote from Amadeus.

Salieri: I will speak for you, Father. I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint.


I wanted a post title that would encapsulate several things I wanted to blog about.

1. Family. Good visit with Nana & Grampy this last week. They got in the day before Geoff’s first half marathon, where he kicked ass. I’ve never seen him finish a race so strong before.

2. Travel. Took a trip back up to Steamboat Springs. It’s a little different in the spring/late winter. Chillier for one, and most of the stores close early.

3. Date. Got in a dinner alone with my fella. We settled on McCabe’s, and it was lovely.

4. Easter. A busy morning of hunting for eggs (both at home and church. Church played a snippet from Passion Of The Christ, and I was crying. There is one line that always gets me. Part of it is a reminder of his sacrifice, part of it is just being a mom to a son.

5. Justice. While walking Elijah to school, a car went through the stop sign while we and the crossing guard were in the crosswalk. A big no-no. And as luck would have it, there was a cop car at the corner where we parked. He flashed on his lights, and followed the car into the school parking lot. It totally made my day. The number of times I’ve seen cars drive through the intersection while the crossing guard is still in it… it’s nice to see someone get busted.

So that’s life right now. Elijah is back in school after 2 weeks off for Spring Break. Bible Study is wrapping up this week with a feast, and I’m still training.

I’m gonna close with a quote from Clue.

Wadsworth: I can explain everything.
Cop: You don’t have to.
Wadsworth: I don’t?
Cop: Don’t worry, there’s nothing illegal about any of this.
Wadsworth: Are you sure?
Cop: Of course, this is America.
Wadsworth: I see.
Cop: It’s a free country, don’t you know that?
Wadsworth: I didn’t know it was *that* free.

No Joke

Sorry, I don’t have the time to think up some clever April Fool’s joke for you.

I finally uploaded the pics of our trip to White Fence Farm with Chad & Khara. I also have only one (or two) thank you cards left to write and mail. This is from the boys’ birthdays. Yes, I’m slow. I even blogged on my training blog. Look at all I accomplished this week! 🙂

Right now, I’m trying to get my house in order for my in-laws arriving on Saturday. This means a big clean & organization. Some things I have to leave until Friday, because I know someone will get those things messy before Saturday comes. Geoff has a half marathon on Sunday, so we need to make a sign. I still have a stain on my carpet from the last sign we made (oops).

I’m in a Disney mindset again. Trying to keep on top of my plans. It’s very silly, because rates for next year won’t come out until August/September, and promotions might be after that. But hey, the boys & I have saved like $130 already. (Most of that is money they got for their birthdays) Still not sure who is joining us in WDW, the people I have spoken to personally are in the not likely column, but I’m not giving up hope yet. Why is it so expensive to fly to Florida?

Andy Hallett, who played the delightful Lorne on Angel, died yesterday. It’s sad, he was only 33. Congestive heart failure. So I’ll close with a quote from Angel.

Lorne: My psychic friend told me I had to come back here. I didn’t believe her. Then I realized I did have to come back here, because – I really always thought I had to come back here, deep down inside, you know? I had to come back here to find out I didn’t have to come back here. I don’t belong here. I hate it here. You know where I belong? LA. You know why? Nobody belongs there. It’s the perfect place for guys like us.
Angel: That’s kinda beautiful.
Lorne: Ain’t it?