I wanted a post title that would encapsulate several things I wanted to blog about.

1. Family. Good visit with Nana & Grampy this last week. They got in the day before Geoff’s first half marathon, where he kicked ass. I’ve never seen him finish a race so strong before.

2. Travel. Took a trip back up to Steamboat Springs. It’s a little different in the spring/late winter. Chillier for one, and most of the stores close early.

3. Date. Got in a dinner alone with my fella. We settled on McCabe’s, and it was lovely.

4. Easter. A busy morning of hunting for eggs (both at home and church. Church played a snippet from Passion Of The Christ, and I was crying. There is one line that always gets me. Part of it is a reminder of his sacrifice, part of it is just being a mom to a son.

5. Justice. While walking Elijah to school, a car went through the stop sign while we and the crossing guard were in the crosswalk. A big no-no. And as luck would have it, there was a cop car at the corner where we parked. He flashed on his lights, and followed the car into the school parking lot. It totally made my day. The number of times I’ve seen cars drive through the intersection while the crossing guard is still in it… it’s nice to see someone get busted.

So that’s life right now. Elijah is back in school after 2 weeks off for Spring Break. Bible Study is wrapping up this week with a feast, and I’m still training.

I’m gonna close with a quote from Clue.

Wadsworth: I can explain everything.
Cop: You don’t have to.
Wadsworth: I don’t?
Cop: Don’t worry, there’s nothing illegal about any of this.
Wadsworth: Are you sure?
Cop: Of course, this is America.
Wadsworth: I see.
Cop: It’s a free country, don’t you know that?
Wadsworth: I didn’t know it was *that* free.

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