Florence + The Machine: My First Red Rocks Show

Months ago I purchased tickets for Kelly & I to go see Florence + The Machine. But Kelly’s work required her to go on a trip, so Geoff accompanied me to our first Red Rocks show.

I had previously visited Red Rocks Amphitheater, but it was my first time enjoying a concert here. The venue, which opened in 1941, is breathtaking. If you’ve never been, here’s some advice I’d like to offer.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

1. Seating: it’s hard. I came prepared with some towels for us to sit on. But I see the benefit in bringing seats that offer back support.

2. Weather: when the sun went down, and the wind picked up, I regretted wearing a cute little summer dress. I was cold! We didn’t bring ponchos, because rain didn’t look like a possibility (and it never did rain). There is no re-entry, so don’t expect being able to go back to your car to grab a coat.

3. Expect that people will not adhere to the “no smoking” rule. Duh. It’s a concert, but the stench of pot and cigarettes was so irritating to my nose. Thankfully, it’s an outdoor venue, so you’re not sitting in a cloud of it all.

Now onto the show!

The Walkmen

Opening Act: The Walkmen. Decent enough act, the lead singer had some set of pipes, and was dressed very dapper.

Sometime before 9, Florence + The Machine took the stage. I predicted, correctly, that she would open with Only If For A Night. Given that the tour is in support of their album Ceremonials, the show heavily featured tracks off it. The performance was what I expected it would be, with her flitting about the stage in a long dress, and dramatic dancing. It was a very enjoyable show.

One standout moment for me, was her acknowledging the tragedy that struck in Aurora. She asked for a moment or two of silence, and the place fell quiet. After a minute or so, someone loudly proclaimed, We Will Remember. And Florence began to sing Never Let Me Go, adding, it was for Aurora. It was beautiful.

Florence + The Machine

Thanks to Red Rocks, The Walkmen and Florence + The Machine for a lovely evening out.

Winter Park Play Free!

Ski towns are a lot of fun to visit outside of ski season, and here’s your chance to beat the heat and head to Winter Park-Fraser Valley.

With Winter Park Play Free, when you book 2 nights of lodging with participating merchants, you’ll get $50 on a Winter Park Key Card to spend on activities, shopping and dining… your choice of play throughout Winter Park & The Fraser Valley. Click here to learn more about Winter Park Play Free. Winter Park is 67 miles from Denver, has 200+ sizzling summer events, 600 miles of trails and Colorado’s longest alpine slide.

Dates are valid until October 31, so even if your summer is swamped, you could plan to get up there in the fall.

Buffalo Joe’s Whitewater Rafting & Zipline Adventures

Colorado has amazing summers, and it’s a great place for adventures!

Even though I can be a bit of a scaredy cat, I’m excited to try whitewater rafting. Putting my full trust in the guides at Buffalo Joe’s, I hope to experience Colorado like never before!

Buffalo Joe’s is located in Buena Vista, and offers rides down the Arkansas River. You can choose from half day trips to overnight and multi-day trips. Singles, families with small kids,  rafting at Class III up to Class V.

What are you waiting for?

Image courtesy of Buffalo Joe’s

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(I am a member of the US Family Guide network, and received perks in exchange for advertising)

CO Wildfires: Fundraiser Benefit

The wildfires that have been ravaging our state this year leave us wanting to do what we can to help. The American Red Cross & Qdoba are holding a Statewide fundraiser on Tuesday, July 10 to support families & communities affected by the wildfires.

Here’s the scoop: visit your local Colorado Qdoba, donate a minimum of $1, and get a coupon for free chips & 3-Cheese Queso. Qdoba is matching the collected funds (up to $50,000), hoping to hit their goal of $100,000.

It’s that easy. Even if you don’t have to time to stay and eat, you can stop in to donate and get your coupon.

If you are interested in other ways you can help, my friends have some links you can visit:

Mile High Mamas

Colorado Moms

Denver Parent

* As of July 6, The Waldo Canyon Fire, is at 90% containment. *