I feel like I have so much I want to write, but I lack the words to articulate what I’m feeling, or the point I want to get across. I also feel like I have a bunch of different topics, but no time to write them all separately, nor do I want one huge post.

First things. The baby Armstrong blogs are going private. I probably should have done that from the start, but anyways I’m doing it now. If you read them, if you want to read them, email me your address, and I’ll put you on the list. Otherwise, you’ll just get the info second hand (which maybe you do already).

Bible study is going well. All concerns I had from the get go are long gone, I’ve made some new friends, and most importantly, I’ve got focus. Two weeks ago, I got a great phrase that sums up an issue I have with some of my relationships. Truth Breeds Trust. She talked about how she has trust issues, and what you can do to gain trust. I felt like she grabbed out of my head my big problem with the superficial relationships in my life. If you can’t/won’t tell me truth, heck, if you can’t/won’t tell me anything at all, then we can’t have a trustful loving relationship. How do you love someone, trust someone if they won’t tell you truth? It was powerful, to me anyways.

I am annoyed with all the Olympic-boycott crap. I don’t understand the IOC, I think they must be idiots. I’m not even a big fan of the summer Olympics (Winter Olympics are better IMHO), but is not watching them really going to make a difference? I don’t think the athletes should be to blame for wanting to compete against the best in their fields. I put the blame solely on people who sell those dreams to the highest bidder. Seriously, let’s hold the Olympics someplace where the athletes will struggle to breath fresh air, in a country with questionable ideas. Because they gave us a crap load of money.

I’m very excited that Jake, Cindy, Lexi, Alyssa, Alec & Abbie are coming next weekend. Yes, they are coming to see Kevin & Ali, but we get face time too! It feels like forever since I’ve seen them. It will be so nice to have family around, even if for a short while.

I’m gonna go rest the knees. I’ll close with a quote from Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil.

Jim Williams: Sport, truth, like art, is in the eye of the beholder. You believe what you choose and I’ll believe what I know.

Date Night

Date night was AWESOME! The downsides being it was only one night, and Geoff was still getting over the flu.

We stayed at Magnolia Hotel in downtown Denver. We originally thought we’d explore downtown, but with Geoff’s flu, and it being drunken debauchery weekend (A.K.A. St. Patty’s Day Weekend), we didn’t go out at night. The room was lovely…

Our room

The comfy bed

Naturally, a photo of a magnolia in the room

Me, all dolled up for our date (thanks for the dress Kelly!)

I made dinner reservations at Red Square Euro Bistro, a Russian/European restaurant. We enjoyed the dumplings for an appetizer, Geoff had the spinach & goat cheese ravioli and I had bacon wrapped chicken with goat cheese risotto. For dessert, a dark chocolate terrine. The place wasn’t very big, but it was so quaint. A little hard to find if you don’t know where to look. So it was perfect, off the beaten path, and by the time we left, it had filled up.

The big selling point of the Magnolia Hotel… complimentary milk & cookies before bedtime. They were excellent. Slept great in the king sized bed, until 8am! Then back downstairs for breakfast. Their club level (where the food is served) is lovely. I meant to take a picture, but I forgot. It was a lot of tables, some small booths (perfect to read a book in) and a waterfall. After breakfast we went to Peet’s for morning coffee, and then we ran some errands before retrieving the boys. We assume Kevin & Ali did okay with the boys since they were in good spirits on Sunday morning, as were the boys. They are going to be great parents to their little baby girl.

I have other stuff I wanted to blog about, but it will have to wait for another time. I have errands to run, and kids who want attention.


Sorry I haven’t blogged for you dear readers, but I was occupied entertaining my mom while she came for a short visit. Geoff was away all week in Monterey, and I’d like to tell you he had a blast, but the week turned yucky for him when he got the flu. Hopefully the rest of us will not catch it upon his return. Or I’ll be really mad!

Tomorrow night is date night, because even if Geoff is sick, we are not rescheduling. I hope to be able to blog about how awesome the hotel & restaurant are. Let the record show that I am breaking out of my comfort box, and going someplace I probably wouldn’t have tried before.

So now that the writers are back, new episodes will return end of April. Lost you’re gonna kill me! I think after next week’s episode I’ll go crazy without knowing what’s next. I guess I’ll have to watch the episodes I have on the DVR to get me through. Or I’ll try to get the old seasons from the library.

I’ll close with a quote from last week’s episode.

Jack: You people have therapists?
Juliet: It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack

Still Here

I’m still here, I’m just too busy to blog. Funny thing is when I am running endless laps at the gym, I’m thinking about emails I need to send, or blog stuff I want to write. I think about the unresolved issues I have with people, and pray for resolve to be the bigger better person and make an effort with them. Then I get that non-Jesus thought that says, why bother, it hasn’t made a difference before, why would it now? So as you can see, I am far from perfect, and I don’t claim to be.

Yes, I am busy being Mommy, and training. I am on top of my bible study homework, and on top of blogging about my training.

We had birthday cake for the boys on the weekend, and I finally got those pics up on Shutterfly. When Elijah opens his gifts, those pics will go up too.

Also on the weekend we were finally able to see Bourne Ultimatum (which I got back in January). You want a good action flick, you watch a Bourne movie.

Date Night is back on! Thankfully we were able to get to Kevin & Ali before March filled up. Elijah is so excited about sleeping over there. It’ll be an adventure I’m sure.

I’ll close with a quote from Bourne Ultimatum.

Noah Vosen: [in car, on cell phone] Perhaps we can arrange a meet.
Jason Bourne: Where are you now?
Noah Vosen: I’m sitting in my office.
Jason Bourne: I doubt that.
Noah Vosen: Why would you doubt that?
Jason Bourne: If you were in your office right now we’d be having this conversation face-to-face.