I Know

It’s been a few days and no post, what the heck?

I dunno, not much has been going on. Wednesday night we went out for coffee with Amy, Shaun, and Caley, and we made plans for the 6 of us to go to Boulder tomorrow.

I watched Must Love Dogs, cause I love John Cusack, and even he couldn’t make this movie worth watching. It was awful. And Diane Lane? Every time I see her, all I can picture her as is a rock singer (Streets Of Fire).

I’m also frying brain cells watching Project Runway and The World Series Of Pop Culture. The news is just so depressing.

The highlight of my week was 2 things that arrived in the mail, a pamper package from Athena (you’re the best!) and a magnet from California (not Geoff’s kind of magnet).

The last time I was pregnant, I wondered who buys clothes for the first trimester? Now I know, it’s women who are pregnant again and the minute they find out they’re bellies go pop! All my shorts are too tight, so I’m struggling to find summer clothes that have an elastic waist. I guess I better win some money in Vegas so I can buy summer clothes. All my maternity clothes are fall/winter.

I didn’t like Clerks, so no I won’t be seeing Clerks II. I like some of Smith’s other movies, so I don’t know if I can be considered a fan.

Why is Hollywood remaking comic book movies? There aren’t enough other comic books or even (gasp!) book books to made into movies? I watched the trailer for TMNT, it didn’t get me all excited like Chris or Roland.

Alton Brown was on our morning news, promoting his new show, Feasting On Asphalt. Looks great. He showed how to make oatmeal in your hotel room coffee maker. I love Alton, I want to meet him. He spent a lot of time in CO while he was filming this, so maybe we’ll discover someplace neat to go. I love the concept of the show, traveling the U.S. and getting off the beaten path. It airs for weeks in a row, starting on Saturday.

Alright, I’m gonna close with a quote from Hitch.

Sara: What’s your name?
Chip: They call me Chip.
Sara: Aw, you can’t get ’em to stop?


I got flowers delivered today. It sure was a surprise to me, I’ve never had flowers delivered before. Aren’t they beautiful? A congratulations from Meghan & Mike. Very sweet. I better go drop a thank you note in the mail.


So what did you do this weekend? Me, I spent the weekend taking care of a sick little boy. We were able to get in some time in the pool, but mostly we spent time indoors relaxing. I got plenty of napping done.

I’ve been working on reading a book for the last 3 weeks. It’s been slow going, despite the fact that the chapters are short. It’s due back at the library next week, I’m on page 35, and it has 426 pages. If I get really into it, I’ll just put it on my wishlist or find a copy of it at the second hand bookstore near our house. Oh, the book is Watership Down.

What else is going on in my little world? Not much. Found out that Mom To Mom has been cancelled for next year. I guess I’ll try to find a bible study, or I’ll try and take a class. Something to get me out of the house once a week. I’m considering taking an aqua aerobics class, a dance class will wait until after the baby.

I have no plans for this week, just helping Elijah to recover. Hopefully by the end of the week, we’ll be able to meet up with Amy & Caley. We may go to the mountains with them next weekend.

I’ll close with a quote from Animal House.

Dean Vernon Wormer: Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

How Truth Can Change

I’m sure you’ve heard about this, Pete Coors was arrested for DUI. He issued a statement saying his company always advocates (thanks Chris) responsible drinking, and he should have taken his own advice. Dude, you’re wealthy, you couldn’t call a cab or a limo? Well now, he’s pleaded not guilty to the charges. Um, you admitted it, and now you’ve changed your mind? That irks me. When people don’t take responsibility for their own words or actions. Sigh. Well he’s lucky I can’t vote, because he has lost my future vote.

Had a good talk with Colin this week, which I always enjoy. It has really put a fire in me to go up to Edmonton in the next year. I think that I’d like to arrange a family gathering, since it isn’t often all the Torrances are all together. Maybe we could even get Kelly up too. 🙂 But we have to work it around Amy & Brody’s wedding. At least they have the date set, so we can make plans next year.

The problem with traveling is Elijah will require his own seat (and ticket), so it’s becoming harder. Who knows what the new year will bring, perhaps we may even venture driving up there.

I’ll close with a quote from the Three Musketeers (for you Lisa).

Porthos: Champagne?
Athos: We’re in the middle of a chase, Porthos.
Porthos: You’re right – something red.