Luck Or Divine Intervention

Today I was chatting at the church office with the other Melissa, and realized I was running late to get Miles from school. I did my best not to speed all the way there. But my speedometer was pretty steady at 5 miles over the limit. My eyes darted frequently between the clock and the speedometer. A car behind me, unhappy with my speed, pulled out into the next lane, sped up and pulled in front. I followed this car for several miles. Once I was on Smoky Hill, I knew I was in the home stretch. I still had 10 minutes to go, at least. And the clock told me I was going to be late. I prayed, Lord, please don’t let me get a ticket. I know which parts of Smoky Hill the police love, and there I was. I played in my mind being pulled over, being even more late to get Miles. I told myself, don’t speed, just stay the course.

Speedy car from earlier, booked it down the road, and then I saw a police car. He turned the corner slowly, pulled up right behind the car, and flashed his lights.

Shocked, I just uttered, “Holy Hannah. Thank you God, that it wasn’t me”.

I know I could get a ticket for going 5 miles over the limit. I just thanked God that He didn’t allow that today.