For Michael

Last week I learned that a wonderful man I knew had passed away. I searched through my Facebook friends in CA, looking for the post that should have alerted me to this. There was nothing, only the note shared by the prayer newsletter from my CA bible study.

I wouldn’t be who I am without God having placed Michael in our lives. This man we met at Woodbridge, who lived close enough to us, that he & his family drove us to church every week for a year. The year we did not own a car. His wife even drove my friend & I to Disneyland, and picked us up afterwards. The man who would scuba dive with Geoff. I loved getting Christmas cards from his family, and the notes he would write on them, “so glad to see your family doing well”.

Michael & my dad were both diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other. And while my dad chose not to treat his cancer, Michael fought hard. When my dad passed away months later, I took comfort in the fact that Michael’s treatments were going well. It took cancer almost 9 years to take down Michael.

He was a remarkable guy. He was kind, wise, and Godly. I know his presence will be missed greatly, not just by the Armstrongs, but also by his wife, his daughters & their families.

Ski Trip 2003

(top) Stephanie & Michael, Lindy & Kris

(bottom) Frank & Cynda, Melissa & Geoff