It’s done, we’re moved. A couple of bruises, every muscle aches, but we’re in our own home!

The closing table stuff went well. It was nice to meet the original owner, but I wasn’t overly thrilled to see our lender again. Yes, things at the bank got resolved, and she did seem remorseful for all we went through. But the first time you see someone after they’ve hurt you is always awkward. Elijah was great for the closing stuff, he amused everyone with his new funny face he makes (he puckers his lips like and sniffs loudly). The rest of the day was stressful for him too. I’d like to say we all slept great, but we didn’t. Perhaps tonight.

Thanks again for everyone’s prayers. We truly are blessed.

What A Croc!

Oh yes, I did it. I bought myself a pair of crocs. I needed a pair of shoes I could just slip on and go, so this certainly fits the bill. Mock me if you must, but they are comfy.

I’m getting new glasses today after church. I wanted new frames, even though my prescription hasn’t changed in the last 4 years. My magnetic sunglasses were thrashed, so I went the route Geoff did with Transitions. Yes, I’ve heard they don’t get as dark in the car, but I don’t drive much anyway.

I was a little deluded when I thought the house was 50% packed. It wasn’t, but we made good work yesterday, and we’re on track for today. We’ve mapped out our last meals, so I know what dishes can go. I stand by my belief that we would have been ready without the setback Monday and Tuesday. The apartment is filled with boxes, and it makes getting around a little challenging. Also presenting a challenge is we chose to move on Wednesday, wanting to get into the house asap. Which means our friends with dayjobs (and who doesn’t?) aren’t able to help us pack up the truck. We are holding out hope we’ll have help unpacking though. I plan on asking my neighbor who is home in the day if he’ll help out. Moving big furniture is man work, that’s just how I feel. 🙂

Time to sign off. I’ll close with a quote from Sleepless In Seattle.

Jonah Baldwin: Talk to her, dad. She’s a doctor.
Sam Baldwin: Of what? Her first name could be Doctor.

Gary Gets A Treat

I couldn’t find a picture of our car, so I put up one of his namesake. With Geoff having to drive to Boulder once or twice a month, and winter on its way, we decided we should get new tires and get the car realigned. Wow, what a difference! It’s like driving a new car. Very enjoyable.

The short version of what transpired this week was we thought everything was fine with the loan, we found out it wasn’t and we lost the loan and the house. The bank screwed up, and the bank came up with a solution to appease us. So we are getting the money, and we won back the house. But it was a heart wrenching experience, that has left us very distrustful. We put our faith in Jesus to resolve it, and comfort us.

We go back to waiting to close (next week), and will scramble to move and clean. We are elated we won’t be staying here, and that the dreams we thought were lost, are not.

Mary & I met for lunch at the museum yesterday. I love hanging out with her, and I hope she doesn’t move. We saw Jeff, who wasn’t overly social, he was hanging with his new department. He did offer to give us a behind the scenes look at the Zoology collection in the future.

Well, back to packing. I’ll close with a quote from Family Guy.

Peter Griffin: Yes, we all enjoy the Bible in this house!
Francis Griffin: Really? What’s your favorite book of the Bible?
Peter Griffin: Ah… um… ah… the one where Jesus swallows the puzzle piece and the man in the big yellow hat has to take him to the hospital?

Praise The Lord!

After being on an emotional roller coaster ride the last 3 days, it’s nice to see the ride slowing to stop. I may write about it more later, but we took some hard blows, spent a lot of time praying, yelling, and crying, and now things are good.

We aren’t moving this weekend, we will move next week.

Thank you to the prayer warriors, thank you Lord Jesus for hearing our prayers.

1 Peter 1:6-7