When It Feels Like Too Much

This year is the tenth anniversary of my Dad’s passing. We lost him to a short battle with cancer in October of 2003. Since his birthday is in September, I find I’m more susceptible to being moody during those two months.

This year on his birthday, I got the one-two punch of having friends go through their second miscarriage, and also finding out one of my Dad’s best friends was battling cancer himself.

Now two weeks have gone by, and his friend, Marty has passed away too.

Marty wasn’t just my Dad’s friend, Marty was a very kind man, and he was one of my youth bowling coaches. His kids and I knew each other. Saturday morning bowling kids had each other’s parents as coaches, cheerleaders, or just general support. They cared for us, and wanted us to succeed. At times, they were like extended family.

There’s more, that I’m struggling with today, that I can’t write about publicly. The health of someone I love dearly, and the path that they are on. Couple it to Marty’s death, and I just feel like it’s too much. I want to cry, to have that release.

Mortality stinks. It’s a reality, and losing people sucks.

The only solace to be found, is knowing that truly, to be in glory is far far better than here.

But being here? Makes you want to hug someone hard.