This morning I saw a speeder get pulled over by the cops, and it made me smile to think that there is justice in the world. And I just need to remember to put things into perspective. My mom called me to tell me she’s proud of me, and that she loves me. That she’s proud of the adult I am, and the adult decisions I make. That makes me feel pretty good.

I have a wonderful husband, an adorable son, a baby on the way, a cat who gives me kisses, a warm home, fantastic friends who are family to me, and a Savior who loves me just as I am, and died for me.

Things can’t be so bad to negate all that.

Well That Wasn’t So Bad

I thought that snow would never end yesterday. But it did, at 2:30pm. I was out at 3pm (and for 50 minutes) re-shovelling our driveway and sidewalk. Five minutes after Geoff left in the morning, you couldn’t tell he’d done anything. It was heavy and slushy, but worth doing. By 5pm, our driveway was bone dry. Those poor saps who didn’t do a thing (even though they were required to) had pure ice to face. The street in front was all ice and ruts. I was thankful I didn’t have to drive anywhere.

But today Amy & I took the kids to Cherry Creek, to play on the food. It was packed. But outside, walking around Cherry Creek North, was so pleasant. No wind, sunshine, and hardly any snow out there. When Amy came to get us, our road was starting to melt. When we got home, it was completely melted. That’s Denver for you.

The trip to the DMV was the best experience I’ve had with them thus far. They were very friendly there, the line was minimal. Now I’m set for another two years.

The Christmas cards and the letter are complete. I may spend the weekend addressing envelopes, even though the letters won’t go out for another 3 weeks. 🙂 Now If I can just start on my shopping.

Oh yeah, Scrubs is returning to the air at the end of November. Happy Day!

On that note, I’ll close with a quote from Scrubs.

Woman: Hi, cutie! Since you have so many balls, and too many toys can be overstimulating for an infant, Brantley here was wondering if he could borrow one to play with.
Dr. Cox: Oh, that’s funny, because Jack here was just wondering why the crazy lady who just spent the last hour chain-smoking and talking on her cell phone while her kid ate sand, would come over to two complete strangers and give them parenting advice.
Jordan: Oh, he also thanked me for not naming him Brantley.
Dr. Cox: Yeah.

Sing A New Song

I’d been meaning to write about the Killers’ new album, Sam’s Town, which I had pre-ordered. I really like it, I think I’ve listened to it at least 5 times since it was released at the beginning of the month. My favorite tracks are Bling (Confession Of A King) and For Reasons Unknown, and the current single When You Were Young. They were in town a few weeks ago, but as with life, I am always poor when a band I like blows through town.

In TV land…I’m a little surprised that Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip isn’t faring too well in the ratings. I’m enjoying it, but I fear it may get cancelled soon. I’m happy that It Takes A Thief is back with new episodes. And House returns next Tuesday. Whoo-hoo!

Good thing Amy enjoyed watching Elijah, Geoff is already gearing up to do another date night. He wants to go see Casino Royale next month. We’ll have to see where money is at. We haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet!

I’ll close with a quote from Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Eddie: Tempting but I don’t get out of bed for less than half a million dollars

He Lives In You

Last night, Geoff and I saw The Lion King for the second time. We saw it 5 years ago in Toronto with the Armstrongs/Wakelams. So it was different to see it just the two of us, and on our own dime. We bought the tickets back in May, but when I heard it was playing last year, I marked my calendar for us to see it. It was equally enjoyable this time around, and I still got chills and teary eyed watching the opening number. You can’t get over the amazing costumes. It made us long for the day when we can bring Elijah to see a show, as the audience was 50% kids. There was a young boy behind us who must have been 3 or 4, and he did great.

Things are pretty much back to normal here. We got hit with snow on Friday night, which mostly melted by Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow morning, I get to go to my favorite place in the whole wide world… the DMV. Yay! It had better be uneventful.

Not much else to say, so I’ll close with a quote from The Lion King (both movie & musical).

Timon: Hey, what’s going on here? Who’s the monkey?
Nala: Simba’s gone back to challenge Scar.
Timon: Who?
Nala: Scar.
Pumbaa: Who’s got a scar?
Nala: No no no. It’s his uncle.
Timon: The monkey’s his uncle?


Well our guests flew home last night, and I spent last night and this morning catching up on laundry and cleaning. I’m gonna miss the company, and Stephanie’s cute little B&B laugh (Beavis & Butthead). I figure we’ll likely see them again, with Andrew, in the next two years.

It’s suppose to get cold and snowy tomorrow. Geoff has some chores he wants to tackle, and Sunday night is date night! Amy is coming over to watch Elijah. We’ve been planning this for a long, long time. I’m super excited.

I’m just trying to get Elijah back into his routine. That’s all I have on my plate.

Speaking of plates, I’m going to close with a quote from Top Chef, season two.

“hello, I’m a liver”