Foxy Lady

So they moved out. For a few days, then 3 of them are back, and the old hole wasn’t good enough. They’ve made a new hole, right by the front door. There is soil all over the place and Wednesday morning, a dead bird and feathers everywhere. Ergh!

I had to contact the Division of Wildlife, and they said I can try to encourage them to move, or I have to bring in someone to “solve the problem”. I don’t want to be cruel, they are cute, but they have overstepped their bounds. If they lived on the side of the house and never left dead things, I’d let them stay. I won’t have two giant holes and carcasses.

Last night before bed, I had an encounter with one. He was sitting in the middle of the lawn, so I opened the door and yelled at him. He barked at me, then ran across the street and continued to bark. Probably to tell the others there’s a mean lady, don’t leave the hole. Who knows. I saw them again at 4:30am, but since it was Miles’ feeding time, I didn’t bother to interact with them.

Sigh. Can’t say my life is boring.

Facebook is so much fun. I’m seeing how some old friends are doing. It’s kinda like when I went to Doug’s wedding. It’s like a reunion. Though it brings to mind a quote from Friends.

CHIP: So you still in touch with anyone from high school?
MONICA: Umm. Well, there’s Rachel, and umm, I think that’s it. How bout you?
CHIP: Oh yeah, I still hang with Simmons and Zana, y’know. I see Spindler a lot. Devane, Kelly, and I run into Goldie from time to time. Steve Brown, Zuchoff, McGwire, J.T., Breadsly.
MONICA: Is that all?
CHIP: Ehh, y’know after high school, you just kinda lose touch.

Loooonnnngggg Weekend

Memorial Day was certainly memorable. We woke up at 3:45am to start our day. Miles had to feed, we had breakfast and we headed out the door before 5:15am. The drive to Boulder went well, hardly any traffic. We parked the car, and then parted ways, Geoff to the start line, the boys and I to the curve on Folsom Street. This is right before the runners head into the stadium. I had my spot picked out, this patch of grass, plenty of room to spread out. I got there around 6:50am, and Geoff’s wave was set to start at 7:07am. The boys did great. I got a little worried when the group of 20 bagpipers showed up to set up beside me (oops, I forgot that was their spot), but Miles slept through the whole race, and Elijah danced to the music. He missed Geoff passing us, but I saw him. Held up the sign we made, but Geoff missed it. Because I was holding the sign and trying to wrangle kids, I wasn’t able to take a picture of Geoff. Sorry.

Geoff joined us in the meeting spot, then we all went to the expo to get free goodies. Once we milked that, we headed back to 29th street mall, where we parked the car. Naturally we got some Peet’s.

We’re still waiting on the website to upload the results. But Geoff knows roughly how fast he was.

So we’re still trying to catch up on sleep. But we’re parents, it’ll be years before we catch up.

On tap this week… not much. Going to the dentist Thursday morning. Just looking forward to next weekend when Jen & Greg get here.

Tv stuff. Tonight is the House season finale. Whoo-hoo! Oh yeah, I spent all of last weekend watching the Ninja Warrior marathon on G4. I think I saw every tournament. It’s a pretty good show. Studio 60 was awesome last week. The exact reason this show is great, it was laugh out loud funny.

I’m going to close with a quote from Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Maybe we’ll get to see #3 this summer.

Jack Sparrow: How did you get here?
Will Turner: Sea turtles, mate. A pair of them strapped to my feet.
Jack Sparrow: Not so easy, is it?

I’m Not A Foody, But I Wanna Be

Warning! This blog post is gonna be about food. I warned you Lisa.

I’ve been on a roll lately in the kitchen. In the last two weeks, I made pumpkin bread, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and somehow perfected Nana’s chili. It’s empowering to be queen of the kitchen. Plus it’s something Elijah can help me with. The other night we made burgers, and his job was to add the seasoning.

Today the boys and I picked up Geoff for lunch at Noodles & Co. Kelly said it’s pretty good, and if you sign up online, you get Noodlegrams with offers. So we decided to try it out. Elijah and I shared the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, and Geoff had the Whole Grain Tuscan Fettucine. Geoff’s mac & cheese is far superior, so next time I’ll try something else. ‘Cause who doesn’t like noodles?

I’ve gotten into two new shows on the Food Network, Dinner:Impossible, and Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives. Watching DD&D makes me very hungry, as that’s my favorite kind of food. I’m hoping he’ll spotlight something close to home we can try.

Top Chef Miami starts June 13, which should be interesting. If they can go back to the quality of contestants they had season one.

I’m gonna close with a quote from The Drew Carey Show.

Drew Carey: Hey, don’t waste cheese. If you’re going to waste food, throw a vegetable.

Sunny Days

We had a nice hot weekend here. Saturday, we didn’t make it to the railroad museum. Miles ended up sleeping until 8am, which was when we planned to depart. So instead we went to the local fire station for their open house.

Back of the police car

Driving the firetruck

Sunday I got a nap while the boys ran.

I’m hoping Miles will start napping more than cat naps so I can start working on some projects. Specifically his Christmas stocking.

Speaking of projects, Geoff & Glen put up a fan in Elijah’s room. Yeah, I figured Glen didn’t do enough projects at all his other houses, he needed to help Geoff with one on his vacation. I’m being sarcastic.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day being a mom to a toddler. I wasn’t sure I was going to get out to do errands with the way he was behaving. Wouldn’t you know it, I ran into Amy & Caley at Target. So we chatted and grabbed a coffee. Then we went back to Amy’s for the kids to run and around get out some energy.

Colin’s surgery went alright, and he thinks he’ll be back at work on Monday. They had to remove all the cartilage from his knee. But the whole family is stoked about the California trip. It means so much to me that he’s choosing to spend his vacation to see us.

Jen & Greg will be here in a little over 2 weeks. I heard Jen was gloating she’ll be the first Californian to meet Miles.

Well, that’s all I got going on. I’ll close with a quote from Mr. Deeds.

John McEnroe: I like the way you beat up those guys who were making fun of you. It was pretty cool.
Longfellow Deeds: Yeah I bet you know what it’s like to get all riled up Johnny Mac.
John McEnroe: That I do.