Foxy Lady

So they moved out. For a few days, then 3 of them are back, and the old hole wasn’t good enough. They’ve made a new hole, right by the front door. There is soil all over the place and Wednesday morning, a dead bird and feathers everywhere. Ergh!

I had to contact the Division of Wildlife, and they said I can try to encourage them to move, or I have to bring in someone to “solve the problem”. I don’t want to be cruel, they are cute, but they have overstepped their bounds. If they lived on the side of the house and never left dead things, I’d let them stay. I won’t have two giant holes and carcasses.

Last night before bed, I had an encounter with one. He was sitting in the middle of the lawn, so I opened the door and yelled at him. He barked at me, then ran across the street and continued to bark. Probably to tell the others there’s a mean lady, don’t leave the hole. Who knows. I saw them again at 4:30am, but since it was Miles’ feeding time, I didn’t bother to interact with them.

Sigh. Can’t say my life is boring.

Facebook is so much fun. I’m seeing how some old friends are doing. It’s kinda like when I went to Doug’s wedding. It’s like a reunion. Though it brings to mind a quote from Friends.

CHIP: So you still in touch with anyone from high school?
MONICA: Umm. Well, there’s Rachel, and umm, I think that’s it. How bout you?
CHIP: Oh yeah, I still hang with Simmons and Zana, y’know. I see Spindler a lot. Devane, Kelly, and I run into Goldie from time to time. Steve Brown, Zuchoff, McGwire, J.T., Breadsly.
MONICA: Is that all?
CHIP: Ehh, y’know after high school, you just kinda lose touch.

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