I Didn’t Mean To

I didn’t mean to go so long without posting, I just got busy.

Thanksgiving dinner was awesome. Geoff put a lot of work into preparing a feast for us all. We had…
mashed potatoes
bourbon smashed sweet potatoes
cranberry-orange relish
*green bean casserole
*cream corn
*crescent rolls
*greek salad
*2 pecan pies
pumpkin pie
(asterisk represents what Ali made)

Kevin, Ali, Kevin’s mom Cindy, and us four and there was a ton of food leftover. But we’re nearly through the leftovers now. Here’s some pics.

The bird

Elijah’s plate

Daddy’s plate

Thanksgiving with friends

I wanted badly to go out and brave the crowds on Black Friday, but it was snowy, and without knowing if it would be worth it, I stayed home. We planned to go to Southlands to see the tree lighting, but again, it was too chilly to drag the boys out, especially since Miles doesn’t really have the right clothes. But our previous night’s guests did, and said it was a little disappointing. They didn’t stick around there, rather they came back over for more pie, and they brought their espresso machine. Ali made us all the yummiest mochas. We gotta get one of those!

Saturday & Sunday we did a little bit of shopping. Had some naps. Just kinda hung out.

In Christmas-y news: I’m anxiously awaiting Saturday, when we will decorate and put up our fake tree Cornelius (we’re gonna get a real one when our Christmas company gets here). Of the Christmas presents I have to ship to Canada, there is only one left. I signed up to help with the church’s Christmas Eve service planning. Now I guess I wait for them to call me and tell me what’s next. I mailed all my Christmas cards today. There are a few still to go out, but I’m waiting on updated addresses.

Dinner is ready. I’ll close with a quote from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Linus Van Pelt: Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Browniest.

The Christmas Letter

My mother in law, Diane, sends out a Christmas letter every year. I don’t know when she started hers, but I was inspired to do it the first year we moved to California (I think). So it’s something I do, I write it, Geoff edits it.

I think it must have been the second or third year, my friend Cate asked for a copy. Wow, I’d never thought to send one locally. Now she sends one out too. Our letter goes out to family and friends, as well as work associates.

Ah, the art of Christmas letter writing. I wish I could say my letter is brilliant. But it probably reads a lot like my blog. I make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, and I used to print a picture right on it. Now I send a picture Christmas card (yes, I’m one of those people. You would be too if your kids were this cute!)

Every year I browse online for tips on how to send out a letter that won’t suck. Didja know there are do’s and don’t’s? Well, there are. Here are some tips I’ve learned:

* keep it short
* don’t brag
* write about you & your immediate family (the exception is parents, who are allowed to write about their grown kids & grandkids)

This website has a lot of good stuff on it.

Anyways, our letter is nearly done, just need the editor to look it over. If you send out a letter, I’d like to read it. If you get my letter, and you’d rather not, I won’t be offended, let me know. It’ll save me some postage.

I’ll close with a quote from The Santa Clause.

Dr. Pete Novos: I don’t know, Scott. You’re as healthy as a horse.
Scott Calvin: Yeah! Clydesdale!
Dr. Pete Novos: So what? You put on a little weight.
Scott Calvin: Weight? Does this look like a little weight to you?
Dr. Pete Novos: Weight can fluctuate from year to year.
Dr. Pete Novos: Fluctuate? You make it sound like I’m retaining water. I’ve gained 45 pounds in a week. Pete, what’s happening to me?
Dr. Pete Novos: Well, what’s your diet like?
Scott Calvin: Milk and cookies.
Dr. Pete Novos: Really?
Scott Calvin: But I don’t finish all the milk.
Dr. Pete Novos: Well then there is your problem. Just try to cut back on the sweets, okay?


I broke the rules.

I bought myself a present before Christmas. It’s a rule I usually try to abide by, so as to make it easier for those who shop for me.

I bought Ocean’s Thirteen last week and we watched it on Saturday night. Such a good movie, all three of them are. But I’m not breaking the rules again before Christmas, so you are all safe to shop off my wishlist. This is where it sucks to have a January birthday, because I have to wait until after that to buy myself anything I might want.

My cold is either going away slowly, or the drugs are masking it enough that I’m not bothered by it too much. I have to be better by Thursday (Thanksgiving)!

We’re getting a snow storm from Canada tomorrow. Elijah will be happy, he’s been dying to wear his new boots and use his shovel.

I’m getting ready for Christmas, meaning I’ve narrowed down what I’m buying most everyone. Now I need to wait for December to start shopping and shipping. Elijah keeps asking to put up the tree, but that likely won’t happen until December either. We’re hoping to do two trees again this year (as we have done it the past), one real, one fake.

Anyways, I have some planning to do while I have a quiet moment. I’ll close with a quote from Ocean’s Thirteen.

Rusty Ryan: Relationships can be…
Danny Ocean: Sure.
Rusty Ryan: But they’re also…
Danny Ocean: That’s right.

Cough Cough

I’m sick. Miles is sick. Elijah is still coughing. This just sucks eggs. The saddest thing I will probably recover and Elijah will still have his cough. I don’t really want to take him to the doctor and spend the time getting there, and the money on the appointment for them to say he’s fine, the cough is just hanging on. Duh! I know that.

So we’re trying to take it easy, but it’s making mom a little stir crazy. At least Miles is sleeping well. But I’m starting to get movied-out.

Last night, I went to a women’s dessert social at church. Yes, I am sick and I went out. But I didn’t cough too much, and I didn’t touch anyone. Anyway, it was fun. I have heard this guest speaker before, she’s funny. And I met some new people. Ali came with me, and the boys went out for ice cream. So everyone enjoyed dessert.

Well, those movies aren’t going to watch themselves (what? does that even make sense?), so I better sign off. Yesterday we watched Chicken Little, so I’ll close with a quote from that.

Chicken Little: I put on five ounces this year. I’ve really bulked up.

When Life Is Good

Life has been pretty S-W-E-E-T the last couple of days. I wanted to blog about it, so when things look sour, I can go back and read this.

I’m caught up on my blogs and I uploaded pictures from our visit with Nana & Great Grandma Joyce.

Miles has slept through the night the last two nights!

Geoff and I went on a date! For real! Geoff, Kevin, Ali and I went out to dinner at Bonefish Grill. Free meal! Yeah, I went to a seafood restaurant, and no I did not eat seafood. We laughed, we ate, we had a blast. Marian came over and babysat. We came home to two very tired but awake kids. They were asleep within ten minutes of us getting home.

I’m getting in Christmas mode. I have my first draft of the Christmas letter ready. We need to work on taking a family picture, and shopping still has to be done. Geoff says he’s not ready for Christmas music yet, so I listen to it when he’s not here. 🙂 Elijah asks every week when we can put up the tree.

I’m going to close with a quote from Elf.

Emily: We can’t just throw him out in the snow.
Walter: Why not? He loves the snow. He’s told me 15 times.

I’m Not Ignoring You

I haven’t blogged much because…
a) there isn’t much to say or
b) I don’t have time or
c) a little of both.

Since my last real post, Miles’ sleep patterns have been unpredictable. But he’s back to being hard to love in the middle of the night. Nana got a taste of that during her visit. In any case, we’re gonna try and fix his problem, whatever it may be.

Yep, this last week we had the boys’ Nana & Great Grandma come out for a visit. I’ll probably write more of that on their blogs. But it was nice to have company.

Kevin & Ali are out here and settling in. They met us at Southlands on Halloween to see the boys, and take in the chilly Fall air.

I’m trying to get my Christmas shopping done, but it’s hard to do with little ones. And I have not forgotten how frustrated I was last Christmas and how I vowed to buy everyone gift certificates. But I started some of my shopping early this year, so hopefully I won’t feel so stressed. Really it’s my own fault, because I moved to the U.S. and had to forevermore ship my gifts to Canada.

Well, I gotta get a jump on my errands. I know I just recently quoted Arrested Development, but Lisa liked this quote, so I had to use it.

Gob: Michael, I’m your big brother. I’ll never be impressed with you.