I Didn’t Mean To

I didn’t mean to go so long without posting, I just got busy.

Thanksgiving dinner was awesome. Geoff put a lot of work into preparing a feast for us all. We had…
mashed potatoes
bourbon smashed sweet potatoes
cranberry-orange relish
*green bean casserole
*cream corn
*crescent rolls
*greek salad
*2 pecan pies
pumpkin pie
(asterisk represents what Ali made)

Kevin, Ali, Kevin’s mom Cindy, and us four and there was a ton of food leftover. But we’re nearly through the leftovers now. Here’s some pics.

The bird

Elijah’s plate

Daddy’s plate

Thanksgiving with friends

I wanted badly to go out and brave the crowds on Black Friday, but it was snowy, and without knowing if it would be worth it, I stayed home. We planned to go to Southlands to see the tree lighting, but again, it was too chilly to drag the boys out, especially since Miles doesn’t really have the right clothes. But our previous night’s guests did, and said it was a little disappointing. They didn’t stick around there, rather they came back over for more pie, and they brought their espresso machine. Ali made us all the yummiest mochas. We gotta get one of those!

Saturday & Sunday we did a little bit of shopping. Had some naps. Just kinda hung out.

In Christmas-y news: I’m anxiously awaiting Saturday, when we will decorate and put up our fake tree Cornelius (we’re gonna get a real one when our Christmas company gets here). Of the Christmas presents I have to ship to Canada, there is only one left. I signed up to help with the church’s Christmas Eve service planning. Now I guess I wait for them to call me and tell me what’s next. I mailed all my Christmas cards today. There are a few still to go out, but I’m waiting on updated addresses.

Dinner is ready. I’ll close with a quote from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Linus Van Pelt: Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Browniest.

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