I’m Not Ignoring You

I haven’t blogged much because…
a) there isn’t much to say or
b) I don’t have time or
c) a little of both.

Since my last real post, Miles’ sleep patterns have been unpredictable. But he’s back to being hard to love in the middle of the night. Nana got a taste of that during her visit. In any case, we’re gonna try and fix his problem, whatever it may be.

Yep, this last week we had the boys’ Nana & Great Grandma come out for a visit. I’ll probably write more of that on their blogs. But it was nice to have company.

Kevin & Ali are out here and settling in. They met us at Southlands on Halloween to see the boys, and take in the chilly Fall air.

I’m trying to get my Christmas shopping done, but it’s hard to do with little ones. And I have not forgotten how frustrated I was last Christmas and how I vowed to buy everyone gift certificates. But I started some of my shopping early this year, so hopefully I won’t feel so stressed. Really it’s my own fault, because I moved to the U.S. and had to forevermore ship my gifts to Canada.

Well, I gotta get a jump on my errands. I know I just recently quoted Arrested Development, but Lisa liked this quote, so I had to use it.

Gob: Michael, I’m your big brother. I’ll never be impressed with you.

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