Get A Job: Online Applications

I’m all for online applications, but I don’t think it should be the only way to get information. It took me several attempts to get the websites to accept my resume, and some of the attempts never went through.

My biggest complaint about the online applications I filled out was that many fields were required to be completed. One such field was who past supervisors were, and could they contact them. Since I haven’t worked since 2005, the people I worked under have also moved on. You can’t even contact the Harry & David I worked for, the store closed right after I left.

One place I submitted an online application to, I also visited in person. I figure it strengthens my application if I give them a face to go with the name. I believe I’m better in person than on paper. I can also explain that while I have not worked in several years, I have been a mom & volunteer.

As the job hunt continues, I’ll keep you posted. I also welcome any advice. 🙂

Get A Job

Easier said than done. And a little intimidating after being out of the work force for 6 years.

Armed with a high school diploma and rusty resume writing skills, I am searching for a part time job.

What do I want? Something that won’t steal all my free time away from my family, but still allow me to save some money to pay down debt and save for a family vacation.

My availability is limited by the fact that Miles isn’t in school full-time.

How will this end? Time will tell. Tomorrow I will write about online applications. And how fishy I look on paper.