Misc Thoughts

Finally House is back after a too-long hiatus (I’d forgotten that Wilson moved in). It was a great episode, and Fox promises no more breaks as we head towards the season finale. My favorite thing last night? Seeing that House has Blackadder on his TiVo.

Coinstar is the bomb! I was able to turn all my change into an Amazon gift certificate for free! Now I have to narrow down (of my 188 items) what I want to put my $19 towards. Can you believe I had that much change? I need to remember that I need to have at least $5 in change if I want to get another certificate. They have other “no-fee” options, which I think is better than having to pay to get my change in cash.

You’ve probably already heard this, but there is going to be an Ocean’s 13. As of yet, no Julia Roberts, or Catherine Zeta-Jones. And this time ’round, Linus gets the love interest. Expect to see it in theatres 2007.

Got in touch with Brittney, Nicole’s sister. When she gets back from spring break this weekend, we’ll set a date for her to come babysit Elijah.

I had a dream last week that Lisa flew here to see me, and we saw Captain Tractor (with Brock) open for Aerosmith. It was a good concert, for a dream. Steven Tyler was really impressed with Brock’s improvised song.

I wanted to rant about how I’m so sick of the expression “free speech”. How free speech should not be without responsibility. But I’m just too tired of expelling energy on it. I have a lot of things I’m tired of expelling energy on, so I usually vent to Geoff or Lisa, and then I let it go.

It’s another gorgeous day here, I may go to the park with my girlfriends.

I’m going to close with a quote from Life Of Brian.

Reg: If you want to join the People’s Front of Judea, you have to really hate the Romans.
Brian: I do!
Reg: Oh yeah, how much?
Brian: A lot!
Reg: Right, you’re in.

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