I Was There To Match My Intellect…

I took the Jeopardy preliminary test last night. For the first time, they were allowing people to take the test online. Passing the test doesn’t mean a whole lot, it just allows you to take the test a second time at a location you’ve chosen from their list. If you pass the test again, you get to play a mock game, with buzzers. Then you have a personality interview. Here’s where I tell you the part that sucks: you never find out how you did on the test. (what?) I know someone who had taken the preliminary test before (I’ll keep you anonymous in case you didn’t want people to know), so I knew the procedure and rules. The test lasted 10 minutes, 50 questions, and 15 seconds per question. It was hardly time to think and I had to write out my answer (not in the form of a question). The categories ranged from history, Victorian lit, actors, biblical names, nations, medicine, ect. It was very challenging, and I didn’t know nearly as much as I though I did. But it was entertaining, and I know I won’t be hearing from them. Had I passed, they would invite me to L.A. (my selected city) to take the test again. But I’ll never know how many I got right, just as my friend would never know how close they got (but I’d guess close). In any case, I can take the test again in year (your eligible to take it once a year). Now I better get to studying.

I watched Beyond The Sea earlier this week. It was a good movie, and I was surprised it was passed over for Oscar nominations two years ago. It’s not Best Picture worthy, but Kevin Spacey is wonderful and his singing is very good. The music was the best part, but being a biopic on Bobby Darin, you’d hope the music stands out. The rest of the cast was good too, Kate Bosworth was… well… Kate Bosworth. She’s not a great actress, but she’s okay. I guess I’d like to see her try a role with some meat to it.

Scrubs is available on iTunes! Well this season anyways. ‘Bout time! I don’t think I’ll buy any episodes, I’d rather buy the DVDs. Still no word on if there will be another season, or if NBC is keeping the show. Frankly I’d be surprised if it went another year.

I suppose I’ll close now with a quote from Beyond The Sea.

Charlie Maffia: You wanna send roses to the mother?
Bobby Darin: Charlie, you always make sure the mama dog likes you before you go near her puppy.

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