Ok, I’m almost embarrassed to write this, but my shower is a scummy place. I put off cleaning it for longer than I will admit publicly. And then I worried I would never be able to clean it.

Walking through Target, I decided I better get some rubber gloves to tackle it with some heavy duty cleaner. Then I saw something that caught my attention: Soap Scum Eraser.

“Huh”, I amuse to myself. Would it really work? Well, it’s from a reputable company (3M/Scotch-Brite). I grabbed the rubber gloves too, as a back up in case this product did not work.

I could not believe that
a) it worked amazingly and
b) it did not require much muscle power.

Seriously. A task I was dreading, took less then 10 minutes to clean. And now when I touch the shower walls, I feel smooth tile, not built up scum.

* I’d like to add I did not receive anything for writing this glowing review of this product. I paid for it myself, and it was worth every penny!