Kids Rock

The third weekend is October has meant it’s time for the Denver Marathon. When it was announced that this year would be the inaugural Rock N Roll Denver Marathon, I was excited. Geoff participated in a Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego (2005) and liked the feel of it. I knew if my friend Cristina was looking for another relay partner, I’d volunteer myself.

We asked Elijah if he’d like to run in the Kids Rock race, the day prior to the marathon. He seemed keen, and we put off signing him up. This worked to our advantage because Mile High Mamas offered free entry for the first 50 kids to use their code. Sweet!

Friday afternoon we drove downtown to pick up our race packets, and check out the fitness expo. My kids will go anywhere when people are handing out free snacks. Even better, my kids will return said snacks if they have too much sugar in them (that’s you Yakult.)

Elijah woke this morning with a croup-sounding cough, but had no other complaints. We decided to let him eat his breakfast and chill out before we would see if he would be up for running. He wanted to go, so we grabbed everything we needed and headed downtown.

Pre-race photo

We made our way to Civic Center Park, and found where we needed to wait for the Kindergarten division to start. I was nervous, because we had only 30 minutes from us parking to find the race start. I didn’t need to worry, when we got there at 9:20 for his 9:45 start, they were only finishing the 3rd graders. We still had 2nd & 1st to go through. Elijah made friends with another Kindie waiting to race, and eventually it was time for him to warm up with all the Kindergarteners. Miles & I found a spot to watch the half mile race, and waited anxiously for him to start. Daddy waited near the start line to encourage Elijah and then joined us once Elijah got going.

The start line

The home stretch

The finish line

It was exciting to cheer for my boy, and he worked hard. He was thrilled to receive his first medal, and fill up his goodie bag before joining us at the end of the corrals. Geoff said Elijah was sure to ask them if the stuff had sugar in it before taking it. 🙂 That’s my boy!

At the end of the corrals, his fans were there to greet him, Daddy, Mommy, Miles, Cristina & Eric.

It certainly was a good day for running. My kid rocks!

Elijah shows off his medal