Best Restaurant

I like to eat. I like yummy food. I also like a restaurant that fixes problems well. My vote for Best Restaurant goes to Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ.

The food is awesome. Southern BBQ, yes please! While we don’t eat in often we’ve experienced great things from them while using drive thru and call ahead.

Before they opened their doors at Southlands, I walked by there with my girlfriend and they just so happened to be handing out coupons to come try the food, for free, so the waiters & cooks could get some experience. Uh, hell yeah I want free food! The experience was great. The food blew me away.

The first time we used the drive thru it was a blizzardy night and we arrived home to discover one of the orders was missing. I called the store, they apologized and sent a cook to my house with the missing item and a $20 gift card.

Another time, we called ahead to place our order and the computer was down when we went to pick it up. We waited close to 10-15 minutes when the hostess finally came out with our food and gave it to us, free of charge. This was $100 worth of food, that we got for free because we had to wait a bit.

I praise Jim ‘N Nick’s to everyone I know. We want them to stay around, and with customer service like that who could blame us?

Seriously delicious food. Find one and go!