Mamas & Morton’s

Last night Morton’s Steakhouse in downtown Denver was overrun by the Mile High Mamas. I made my second appearance in as many weeks to a blogger event. Look out social calendar!

Seventh Generation donated some samples for us to try and let us know about the upcoming Million Baby Crawl on November 18. Their goal is to pass a law that will update regulation of toxic chemicals. While my “babies” aren’t crawling anymore, I do believe we need to keep our kids safe. I try to buy products now with the environment and my kids in mind. These moms all felt the same way.

I won’t be able to attend the “crawl” here in Denver, but I have shown my support on their website

As for the samples, they are going to make a great addition to our camping supplies. And Morton’s- the food was wonderful. I especially enjoyed the filet mignon sandwiches with mustard mayonnaise. Delicious!

Thanks Mile High Mamas!

Blogging Never Smelled So Good

Last night I attended my first blogger event. At first I thought my invite must have been a mistake. Whose radar did I land on? Well I decided I better say yes, so they couldn’t take it back.

Glade put on a wonderful evening at the lovely Warwick Hotel in Downtown Denver. The food was good, but even better was the company I kept. I got to meet close to 10 other bloggers, some famous in their own rights. I felt a little sad I hadn’t been following these ladies before, because they had a wealth of information to share.

On top of food and laughter, we were lucky enough to leave the event with a gift basket we made ourselves. Products were provided by the hostesses & Glade. One product included in my gift basket was Glade’s Sense & Spray.

Although my husband isn’t quite yet sure of the product, I like it. I’ve placed it in the smallest (and smelliest) bathroom, and the fragrance carries through the whole bottom of the house. I was also please to see I can get a refill with one of my favorite scents, clean linen!

I can’t wait until my next blogger event!