Looking Back At 2013

Yeah, it’s been quiet in here. I’ll work on that. I’ve spent some of 2013 strengthening my relationships, and forgiving those who have hurt me. Letting go of having everyone like me was a good step forward too. But this year was a really good year for me.

Here are the highlights from 2013.


Hoping 2014 is amazing for my family- and yours!

Seeing Santa

Friday night, to get into the holiday spirit, we went to the Denver Zoo to check out Zoo Lights. Since we have been a few times in the past, we know to bundle up. I had hoped we would be able to see Santa, since the boys missed out on that last year. Lucky for us, the line wasn’t very long at all.

Once Elijah & Miles were done sharing with Santa what they wanted, we started to move on to allow the next kid in line to speak to the Man in Red. Elijah turned back and asked Santa, “Are you God’s helper?” Santa, paused and smiled, answering “yes, I am. Sometimes I’m even considered a Saint.”

Elijah shared with him, “I know that Christmas isn’t about getting, it’s about giving”.

Santa smiled bigger, saying, “yes, that’s why I give presents.”

Geoff & I were left feeling pretty proud of our little boy. 🙂