Cherry Creek North

When we first moved to Denver, our apartment was in a small area called Glendale. We loved being so close to a bike path that led to Cherry Creek Mall. We would walk there often, taking in the stores the mall offered as well as the shops at Cherry Creek North. Our favorites of CCN were Tattered Cover (which has since moved), Kazoo toy store and Peet’s. Smaller shops closed down due to high rents, and chain stores like Crate & Barrel moved in. Still we appreciated the area, especially the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, held every July.

Last night on the news, I was dismayed to find out that Cherry Creek North is planning on having close to 6 medicinal marijuana shops open up in the near future. This is not what I wanted for a place that I take my children. With a business like that, you are bound to attract more crime, as well as people there who certainly don’t need drugs for medicinal purposes.

Frankly, I think my days of supporting the stores in Cherry Creek North have ended. I can find Peet’s & Crate & Barrel at other shopping areas, and as for the independent stores I will seek out new shops.

Cherry Creek North-thanks for memories.