Barnes & Noble Discovery Weekend

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”
― Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

I was invited to a preview of Barnes & Noble’s upcoming Discovery Weekend, November 21-23.  B&N is one of my favorite stores, and a place where I do a lot of my gift shopping. Lucky for you, dear readers, all nationwide Barnes & Nobles are hosting this event.

I hope you can imagine how fun it was to walk around the bookstore, giggling and fangirling over all the gift ideas. You could buy that book lover on your list an artfolds book. Saturday November 22, you can learn how to craft it (although the books do come with directions). You’ll want to call your local store and reserve a spot- it’s sure to be a big hit (recommended for ages 13 and up).

Read the book, fold the pages to make it art you can display.

Read the book, fold the pages to make it art you can display.

This weekend is also a great time to add some holiday books to your library. My boys love when I bring out our Christmas books in December. One of their favorites is Snowmen At Night. Sunday, November 23, you’ll be able to join in a Snowmen At Night storytime, with crafts and activities. Pick up the book and have fun searching for hidden images the illustrator put into the pictures.

Barnes & Noble wants to help you find the best gift, be it a book, some music, games or toys. Use the hashtag #BNGiftTip and get some advice via Twitter. An added bonus, if you are a B&N member, you can take advantage of the free express shipping.

The latest Pigeon book, by our favorite author Mo Willems.

The latest Pigeon book, by our favorite author Mo Willems.


A whovians wishlist- Doctor Who everything!

Definitely check out your local Barnes & Noble, with events & contests this weekend. If you happen to be wearing your ugly holiday sweater- even better. Be sure to snap a picture of you in the store, and tag it (#BNSweaterContest) on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Full contest details here.

*I was invited to write about Barnes & Noble’s Discovery weekend, and was compensated for my time. All reviews and opinions are my own.*

Best Book

I couldn’t possibly pick one book as my favorite book. Some books that had affected me in my youth, don’t stand up to the woman I am now. At the time, those books captured how I felt, what I was going through, or dreams I had.

The last book that I read that touched me was Between Here And April by Deborah Copaken Kogan. The story dealt with a woman who discovered in therapy she never really understood what had happened to a childhood friend. What I related to most in the book was a mother who felt overwhelmed by motherhood. A woman who would hide from her children because she just couldn’t deal with them, and who struggled with post-partum depression in a time when the solution was to medicate it.

I am not sure I ever suffered from PPD, but I felt like if I didn’t have a supportive husband, I could have ended up like that woman. Feeling overwhelmed and having nowhere to turn. The writer made me feel for that poor woman.

A book to recommend to anyone? No I would reserve recommending it to other mothers. There are times I am afraid to let people know how overwhelmed by motherhood I get. And too often I think women are afraid to share that with other people, for fear of judgement.

As you can see, the book left an impression me. It left me thinking about it for days after I read it. Was is the best book I ever read? No, but it was the best book for me to read at a time when I needed it.