When Families Fight

I’d like to say that in the 13 years of marriage that my in-laws and I have never fought. But every few years we do. There is a lot of tension right now, and on the heels of some of them coming for a visit.

The reason for the fights are almost always the same. Distance & communication. We don’t live near each other, and we don’t communicate often. So things get said, things get twisted, and we have to try and resolve it all long distance. More often than not, I’m left feeling it never really got resolved to my satisfaction, and I just have to move on.

This last fight, involved too many people, when it really was between two couples. Add in a flair for dramatic (I wonder where my son gets *that* from), and emotions run high.

When I finally sat down and read my bible, I turned to Psalm 51. I was struck by verse 9, “Hide your face from my sins and blot out all my iniquity.” I acted in a way that made me wish God hadn’t seen it, and that I needed to call for him to blot out my wickedness.

In a few hours, our guests will be here, and either things will get worse, or God will work on all of us during the visit.

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