Elijah wants to learn how to play baseball. It sent a wave of fear inside me. Baseball is expensive! Especially if it’s not something he will enjoy. Also, I am not keen on a big commitment level when we already have to work Saturdays around Daddy’s running schedule.

My brother & I never got involved in organized sports until we were much older. And then when money got tight, we couldn’t continue on.

Trails (our rec center) offers some short classes on a few sports. I may see if Elijah would be interested in learning soccer skills. Then if he really digs it, we can go from there.

I just wish Miles could participate too. Seems he can’t partake in a lot of the classes Elijah does. So I’m stuck finding Miles his own activity, and resulting in more running around for Mommy.

How do other parents do it?

2 thoughts on “Sports

  1. I think the "exploratory classes" at the rec center to see what he'd really like are a great idea.

    Claire was begging to do ballet, and that's where we started. From that class, we discovered that she not only loved it, but she has a natural talent in it. From there, we went to a "real" ballet school, and we're thrilled.

    I, too, was worried about the cost, but mostly because I came from a family of 4 kids where we weren't allowed to do expensive extracurricular activities.

    My husband assured me that his parents paid roughly $2.5 million for him to play soccer for years, and this was just a right of passage, so to speak. (Okay, maybe they didn't spend THAT much…) 😉

    We're in a totally different situation in that we only have Claire, so I'm not sure how parents with more than one child in more than one activity juggle it all!

    Good luck!!

  2. The same thing happened with my oldest niece. She did dance one year and then it never happened again. They all play softball now. I want you to talk to my sister-in-law about it if you're game. My brother is working the graveyard shift and she goes to radiology school now that all the kids are in school but they all play softball. Let me know if you'd like her email.

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