My Left Foot

The fourth toe on my left foot has been either numb or in pain since November. After months of waiting to see if it would go away by itself, I finally went to see the doctor, who referred me to a podiatrist. Tuesday, I saw the podiatrist and actually learned some stuff! I don’t know why I didn’t suspect that the pain I was feeling could be connecting to what the rest of my foot & leg were doing. I guess because I only noticed the pain in my toe.

He told me I have Morton’s Neuroma. You’d think it having a name would spell trouble, but it really isn’t. And to lessen the pain, I just need to be stretching my calves more. My ankle is tight, my big toe isn’t as flexible as it should be, so all the pressure on my feet have shifted to the other side of my foot. That means my foot is pronating. Evidently I have high arches, and so I put all my weight on my heels and the balls of my feet.

If after a month of stretching the pain hasn’t gotten better, I can go back and get an injection to reduce the inflammation. Oooh, can I? I think I’ll stick with stretching. I might even consider a massage, since when I stretch, my calves are tight too.

Now you know more about my feet than you did before. 🙂

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  1. Anything with a name must have been studied, right? I'm hoping the stretches help. It is not fun enduring constant pain

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