Tunes and Politics

Getting mail is fun. After an offer was placed before me, I took it, and I got a package in the mail. Awhile back I posted about Brock Skywalker’s album, and that I thought it wasn’t his best work. Brock posted a comment on my blog offering to send me a copy of the album. And today Cerebral Re-Runs by Brock Skywalker & His Irregular Heartbeats was in my mailbox. It’s good. The snippets I heard before didn’t come across as well as the album does. Naturally some songs I like more than others. But I gave it a listen through, and I’ll likely give it a few more plays. I’d recommend it if you like Brock’s work with Captain Tractor.

I spoke with Diane on Sunday, and she was telling me about an incident in the Canadian gov’t that took place a few weeks ago. It prompted me to read up on it online. I figure if I can read a few different sources, I may be able to get a full picture of it, not something one-sided. I still don’t think I have all the facts, but it’s left me wondering about myself. I have never been a feminist, and I don’t feel oppressed. Maybe it’s the way I was raised, maybe I just don’t see myself the way other women see themselves. I guess just chalk it up to another thing I don’t understand. Anyway. I’m digressing. Diane was saying that the media was turning into a sexist issue. That a man can change parties and not get the kind of criticism that this woman got. Like I said I don’t think I have all the facts, so I shouldn’t form an opinion on it. My dad always said don’t discuss politics and religion. There is a reason for that. But I like those topics. 🙂

Let’s talk weather! After a weekend of rain, it was sorta nice to have sun. It’s a little hot for me. I know, I know, I lived in California for 4 years and I complain about the sun here. I am hoping for nice weather for our trip. Speaking of the trip, I have to line up a cat sitter. I may try Paula, but I fear she may have a bit much on her plate right now. I’ll be seeing Mary on Wednesday at the museum picnic, so she’ll be my back-up. If it weren’t so much trouble, I’d bring Honey with us.

Well I’m going to go try to start dinner and do some laundry. I’ll close with a quote from Dogma.

Bethany: Were they sent to Hell?
Metatron: Worse. Wisconsin. For the entire span of human history.

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