Bad Girls

Toot Toot, Yeah Beep Beep

You gotta love Donna Summer. What brings to mind this song? Well…

I got an interesting letter in the mail today. It was a thick envelope, from someone I did not know. I opened it and got quite the surprise. It turns out that our newest neighbors, who’ve been here only a few months have been very busy making “friends”. Friends who pay for “services”. Yep, our neighbors are ladies of the evening. That’s the nice way of saying it. Surprising? Yes. Even though we long suspected that was the case. There were too many signs pointing in that directions. The signs were practically neon. The letter was from a company who has been keeping them under surveillance.

I took the letter next door to ask Paula if she got one too. She hadn’t and was shocked by it. We agreed that I should take the letter into the office and let them know. They had gotten the letter too, and were surprised that I had received a copy. They wondered how many other people in our building got it. They informed me they have given the ladies notice to move out.

I had quite the time discussing the situation with Ryan, since Geoff wasn’t online and Paula wasn’t home. I wanted advice. Ryan suggested talking to the neighbors, letting them know about the situation. As of now, they still aren’t home. Will I talk to them? Doubtful. Since the office visited the website they were advertising on, they were content with the proof they needed. It’s still all so weird to me. Even with living 10 minutes away from two girly clubs, I didn’t expect to encounter something like this.

In other neighbor news, the guys downstairs are moving out, so says Paula. I’m not so sad to see them go, though they haven’t been as loud as the one time we reported them. They’ve been cold towards us since then, even though they admitted that party had been out of their control. Let’s just hope the 2 new sets of neighbors we get will be as nice as Paula & Simon.

I guess it’s only appropriate to close with a quote from Pretty Woman.

Edward Lewis: You make $100 an hour and you have a safety pin holding your boot up?

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