Over It

I know you all want to know what transpired.

I called her supervisor, asking her to place a call to the teacher, letting her know I wanted to speak with her before class, could she show up early. She showed up right before class began, and she snubbed me. I mean, I waved hello, and she sort of half smiled and proceeded to go talk to some other parent. Figuring she didn’t get the message, I decided to let it go. When I returned home, the supervisor had returned my call. I called her back, and explained a little of the situation, but told her I was going to let it drop. She encouraged me to take it up with the teacher, stating that if I wasn’t pleased with the discipline, I should let her know what kind of discipline I would like in the future. I don’t think she understood that my issue was that I didn’t think discipline was necessary.

In any case, he has 2 classes left, and all future swim lessons will take place somewhere else. Elijah mentioned to me after class, “did you see that I didn’t talk about body parts today?”

Thanks for the support everybody, it meant a lot to me. 🙂

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