I’ve been nursing a sore throat for 5 days now. At 2am, Elijah woke up crying with his croup cough. We had to get him to calm himself, because he was so worked. Good thing we had the humidifier already set up in our room, we just moved it down the hall. Geoff ran the hot shower, and I showed him a book to get his mind off his throat. He’s much better this morning, but we stayed home from church so he can rest.

Elijah has his meet & greet with his new preschool teacher tomorrow. I’m happy he’ll have Ms. Brenda back, so he’ll have at least one familiar face. I am curious which kids will be back.

We went to a potluck dinner last night to meet a potential new Pastor and his wife. What a nice couple! I hope they get the affirmative vote, and I’m sure they will. He seems to be pretty grounded in the Word. I think the best part of the evening was that we were able to talk to the adults, while the kids were being taken care of by the hosts’ teenagers.

That’s about all going on here. Taking each day as it comes.

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