When does the learning curve kick in? I would like to think that when I make a mistake, I learn and don’t repeat it. But when do children learn not to repeat a mistake?

On the 2nd day of swim lessons, Elijah remarked to the boy sitting next to him that his “belly sticks out”. This was heard by the teacher who prompted Elijah to apologize, and a discussion was had about bad words (both by teacher and Daddy).

Now it’s day 5, and again Elijah remarked about bellies sticking out. He was told to apologize for his bad words, and given a 30 second time out. He cried the entire time, not wanting to be excluded from class.

He’s not being malicious, and the other boy is not showing any response to Elijah’s words. My concern is that he is going to be asked to leave the class if he doesn’t stop talking about it. I haven’t been given the opportunity to talk to the teacher, or the other parent. I am going to have to be more forceful about it before next class, but there isn’t time or privacy to discuss it.

What’s a mom to do? Help me out. (Lisa-thanks for the advice)

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