Nederland, CO

Barker Reservoir, Nederland, CO

Geoff enjoyed a staycation this week, and after days of nagging him, I convinced him to take a trip somewhere. I was desperate to get out of the ‘burbs, if only for a day. While we had the option to go to Rocky Mountain National Park, we also wanted to be able to enjoy Friday night activities, like step class. I suggested we try to visit Boulder Falls. It was an easy hike, and who doesn’t love to see a waterfall? We drove on up, only to discover that falls were closed. Another visitor to the spot told us it had been closed for months, due to an accident, a rock hitting someone on the head. Our next option was to either go back down into Boulder, or continue up the road to Nederland.

Having never been to Nederland, knowing the town only for it’s Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival (which I intend to do someday), we took a chance. It was a small town, a population of less than 1400. There wasn’t a lot to do or see, the “main street” was almost painfully short. The one gem we got out of the place was a BBQ place called Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery. We were able to sit out of the patio, enjoy the fresh air and view of the mountains. You can see Eldora ski resort from there. Lunch was pork sandwiches and Geoff tried the Hop Diggity IPA.

I was able to snap off some pictures of the place (visit Shutterfly), but didn’t get one of the infamous Tuff Shed. Though I did see it on our way out of town. Well, at the very least, I can say I explored someplace new this summer. And that’s my goal, to see as much of Colorado as I can while we’re here.

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