On The Mend

Just a quick note to thank y’all for the prayers and well wishes. What began on Wednesday last week, seems to be tapering off. Sunday and Monday, I had the nasty cough, and really bad allergies. I got a pretty good night’s sleep last night, and I’m not coughing so much. Even my allergies feel manageable. I’m on Sudafed (doctor ok’d it), and I don’t need to walk around with a box of kleenex anymore.

I’m watching Caley for a bit this morning, then Amy, the kids and I will go see Kirsten & her new daughter. I’ll bring my camera and try to take a picture. For the curious, Kirsten’s daughter has a gaelic name (her name is Niamh, pronounced “neeve”), which she tells me is the most popular name in Ireland right now. So while it seems odd here in the U.S., when they move to Ireland in 4 years, she’ll fit right in.

I’ll try to post again later.

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