How’s The Sicky?

eh. cough cough. I still have a nasty cough, and my face hurts. But I was able to get some sleep and the coughing was at a minimum. Yay God! Thank you for hearing my prayers. Obviously I don’t plan to bring my germs to church, but that also means not bringing my germs to the pool. I hope to improve ten fold by tomorrow, as I am stopping by Kirsten’s, and would love to see the new baby. I may end up just seeing her front porch.

This weekend’s snow didn’t add much to the piles, just added slickness to the icy ruts on the street. Yuck. We’ll (hopefully) get some sun the next two or three days to melt some more before we get an ugly storm blow in Thursday.

Gonna spend the day looking at the bright side of life.

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