Feeling Like Myself Again

There isn’t anything nicer then waking up and feeling like yourself again. The last few days, I’ve felt like me again. I’m still coughing a little, but other than that, I feel good. Well, I’m having Braxton Hicks, so I’m uncomfortable a few times a day.

Top Chef wrapped up this week, and Ilan won. I really couldn’t have cared less who won, I didn’t think any of them were worthy of the title. I would have been happy to have them let Harold win again (he was last season’s winner). Frankly most of the chefs were very immature. I’ll probably tune into season three when it airs, it’s supposed to be set in Miami.

It snowed yesterday, just 2 inches. Marion, my neighbor came over and helped me shovel in the afternoon. It was 2 inches of powder, super fluffy. It’s just nice to get outside and get fresh air. Elijah likes to help, and he did really help. He’d get a scoop of snow on his broom, and carry it to the trash to dump out. He’s so funny. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Marion. Last week Elijah and I went over to her house and he played with her cat Crackers. He’s a little more interactive than Honey.

Would you believe it’s Thursday, and they are still predicting a “no snow” weekend? We’re supposed to get a few more inches today and tomorrow, but the weekend is supposed to be snow free. And the 7 day forecast shows no snow at all (not that I buy that). Now we just need a TON of sun to melt all this stuff.

I’ve packed my Pretty In Pink DVD to watch in the hospital (my room has a flat screen tv), so I’ll close with a quote from that.

Steff: I’ve been out with a lot of girls at this school. I don’t see what makes you so different.
Andie: I have some taste.

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