Poor Honey Cat

Poor kitty. She went in for a dental cleaning, and ended up losing two teeth, and had a cyst removed from her back. She’s still all groggy from the anesthesia, she looks so sad. It breaks my heart. I hope she forgives us.

Tuesday night we watched Scrubs (since it’s been moved off Thursdays for stupid Donald Trump!), and it makes me wonder why isn’t everybody hooked on this show? It’s so funny. Last night was Angel’s 100th episode, and it was like vintage Angel. Likely because they brought Charisma Carpenter back to give her character Cordelia some closure. Somebody at Angel decided they didn’t want her around so last year they gave her a stupid storyline & put her in a coma. I still like Angel, it just isn’t the same with CC. Even Geoff watched it with me. I did get a little choked up, but it was an excellent episode.

I finished one of the books I’d been reading, The Prophet by Frank Peretti. It was good, but then I like all that I have read by him. I started to read the book Geoff got me for my birthday, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti. So far it hits pretty close to home and is very entertaining.

It’s still snowing. It stopped for a bit this afternoon then picked up again. It’s not coming down hard or fast, which is nice.

Lisa is a bowling goddess. 🙂 No she didn’t pay me to say that, and to most it won’t be a surprise. But the last two weeks she has had some stellar games. It’s been a while since the two of us have bowled together. I’d say we should do that next month, but really I don’t have the time. I have so much to do in the 8 days we’re there, it’s crazy. Wedding stuff will take at least 2 or 3 days. One day to go out to the farm, a day with Dylan, Colin & Dawn, and then try to see my friends. We’ll be staying with my mom, so I’ll get to see her everyday (which is great).

That’s all, I better go try to comfort Honey. First a little advice from Dr. Abby Barnes (The Truth About Cats & Dogs).

Abby: We can love our pets, we just can’t LOVE our pets.

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