Don’t get sentimental, it always ends up drivel

It’s snowing, as predicted. It started last night, and it hasn’t ended yet. Thankfully the wind hasn’t been too strong, so it isn’t unbearable. A good day at work, steady. I did do something today I wasn’t supposed to. I let a small group of kids passed the red ropes. We’re not supposed to do that. I watched them and made sure they knew they couldn’t touch anything. On a different note, Jeff (my boss) started singing Waltzing Matilda while we put the kangaroo in the parade. He wanted me to sing something from Peter & The Wolf as I moved the wolf. I couldn’t recall anything, so I told him I’d work on that for next week. Moving the wolf is my favorite. I’ll take suggestions for naming the wolf.

In the last few days, I watched Mallrats & America’s Sweethearts, both of which I’d seen before. I did get some movies I haven’t seen, but I haven’t watched them yet. Honey goes to the dentist tomorrow, she’ll be gone all day. I’m gonna miss her, who will keep me warm tomorrow?

I find it disappointing that it is Wednesday and everyone is still talking about Janet Jackson. Sigh.

Got a card in the mail that Geoff’s diploma is ready, so we’ll drop money & our new address in the mail and it’ll come by certified mail. FINALLY! I bought him a frame for it for graduation, and I’ve been dying to hang it. It has a picture of the Physical Sciences building on it.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been corresponding with someone who found me online. It isn’t someone random, but rather my future brother-in-law’s sister-in-law. 🙂 Now I’ll know someone at the wedding. 🙂

For Heather, who took Geoff to see The Mummy when it came out, because I was scared to see it, I’ll quote The Mummy. (I’ve since seen it, several times, I love it!)

Evelyn: Where are they taking him?

Warden Gad Hassan: To be hanged. Apparently, he had a VERY good time.

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