I can hardly believe it’s December. It seems like this has been such a long year. But December brings Christmas, and I love Christmas. The snow, the lights, and the music telling of the birth of our Savior. Those songs are about events that really happened, and it can be a little awe-inspiring. And since becoming a believer, the holiday has grown more dear to my heart.

I generally enjoy Christmas shopping, some people are more fun to shop for than others. My cousin Kelly wrote a great article on the art of gift-giving , and it’s really good. I love the return of wishlist, like Amazon.com. It makes it easier for my family, and you have the comfort of knowing you’re likely to get something you like. We did a good portion of our shopping online.

This weekend we’ll get a tree, and then I get to be sentimental as we dig out our ornaments & the history behind them. We have our favorites, and I enjoy adding new ones. It’s just such a fun holiday.

We rented Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and it was wonderful! Action-packed & hilarious. Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the greatest characters I’ve seen on screen. I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel.

well, back to stampin’ those Christmas cards. And from Captain Jack Sparrow…

Jack Sparrow: You, sailor!

Mr. Gibbs: Cotton, sir.

Jack Sparrow: Mr. Cotton. Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?


Jack Sparrow: Mr. Cotton! Answer, man!

Mr. Gibbs: He’s a mute, sir. Poor devil had his tongue cut out, so he trained the parrot to talk for him. No one’s yet figured how.

Jack Sparrow: Mr. Cotton’s… parrot. Same question.

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