What a great game today. I really wanted the Broncos to beat Kansas City, and they did! Clinton Portis is the man! 🙂

The Christmas tree is up & trimmed. It looks great. We have a tradition of naming our trees, and Geoff named him Bruce. I’ll try to post his picture on my website this week.

I start volunteering at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science tomorrow morning. I spent Saturday in museum orientation, which was kind of fun. I met some people, I got a free tour. Did you know that DMNS has hidden elves, much like Disney’s hidden Mickeys? Some of the painters hid elves in some of the diaramas backgrounds. I found two on my tour, but you can get a map of where to look for them from the Information desk. Anyways, I will be working in the Education Collections Dept. I hope I’ll enjoy it, I’m sure I will.

The Christmas shopping is practically done. I have one or two last stocking stuffers to purchase. So now I wrap & ship gifts. I have only 4 or so more cards to stamp, and some ornaments to make.

We rented The Santa Clause 2, and it was pretty good. We’re in a renting phase right now, so we’re seeing more movies than usual. We had some coupons, so it’s been cheaper to get movies. I’m working on finding a theatre nearby to get advance tickets to Return of the King. I watched a special on ROTK on CBS last week. It got me all geared up. Plus, I finished the book a few weeks ago. I don’t know if you heard about this, but there was an online petition a few weeks ago urging Peter Jackson (the director) not to cut the scene wrapping up Saruman’s storyline. Sadly in had to be cut, but Jackson promises to include it on the DVD. It was only a 7 minute scene, but as he said, if the fans decided what was in the movie, it would be 8 hours long. With that news, I can figure what else would have to be cut to make the continuity add up. It’s all about the extended editions anyway. 🙂

Dinner is ready, I’ll try to let you know about the DMNS job this week. And speaking of Lord of the Rings, from The Two Towers…

Gimli: Toss me.

Aragorn: What?

Gimli: I cannot jump the distance. You’ll have to toss me. Don’t tell the elf.

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