Not So Lonely

I had dinner tonight with Fiona & Robin at the Squealing Pig, an Irish pub in Cherry Creek. It was pretty cool, the food was way yummy, and the server was very friendly. The prices were reasonable too.

I donated blood today. It’s been 5 years since my last donation, so I was a little nervous. I almost didn’t get to donate, as my blood pressure was low. It’s always low, but apparently they have to have a minimum. It was 80/64, and if you don’t get it high enough after 3 tries, you have to try again another day (obviously I got to stay). It went by pretty quickly, and the museum is planning to hold another drive in October around Halloween. The girl who organized it & I were talking while I was eating my cookies. She wants to get some vampire movies to watch during the October blood drive. So we shared what would make good vampire movies to show. I think after our discussion she was going to stop by Blockbuster tonight and rent Fright Night.

“Oh, you’re so COOL, Brewster!”

I made plans with Fiona & Robin to go to Coldstone Creamery on Thursday. Mmm Coldstone. I also found out there is indeed a cheap theater in Denver/Aurora. I may drag Geoff there this weekend, they have Mystic River playing there.

I’m going to close with a quote from Big Daddy (mine & Dylan’s favorite Adam Sandler movie)

Sonny: Having a kid is great… as long as his eyes are closed and he’s not moving or talking.

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