The Polish Prince

I’m feeling a little like Bobby Vinton (The Polish Prince) “Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely”. Except that I’m Mrs. Lonely. Ah, it’s only a few more sleeps until Geoff gets back. Worked, ran errands, napped, watched Forces Of Nature, had dinner, and spent time on the computer. I’m hooked on Tv Tome, it’s a wealth of information.

I added a link to the Garden State movie trailer. It’s a Zach Braff movie that has been getting some good buzz. He wrote it, he directed it, he stars in it. I’ll likely have to wait until it comes out on DVD before I see it. I figure the next time we venture out to see a movie it will be The Incredibles (the next Pixar movie), though I hope to talk Geoff into Spider-man 2. Have you seen the most recent trailer? It looks awesome!

Geoff is having fun in California. I hope he’s making good contacts. He met Brad at the ENC last year, so it pays off. Next year it will be held in Providence, Rhode Island. I may think about going, just because it might be cool. Every other year it’s held in Pacific Grove/Monterey, CA so Geoff assures me one of these times I’ll get to go. 🙂

I better get on putting a dent in my pile o’ books. Kelly, I am digging The Quiet American. I like the way he writes. I’ll email you when I finish it. I’m going to close with a quote from Saving Silverman. I’ve seen this movie a few times, and it keeps growing on me. I know someone in the movie, and they hated it! Said it was such a shame to be in it. I don’t know, I kinda like it. Take it for what it is, Steve Zahn, Jack Black, Amanda Peet, and Jason Biggs.

Wayne: So Darren tells me you’re a psychologist.

Judith: That’s right.

Wayne: I’m in a related field.

Judith: Really? What is it?

Wayne: Pest and rodent removal.

Judith: How is that related?

Wayne: We both help people.

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