Who’ll Stop The Rain

It’s all rainy here, which is good because they have drought issues. But I want nice weather for my drive to Elizabeth.

Jeff insisted I attended the volunteer luncheon today, so I went. They served Chicken Kiev, and a very yummy chocolate mousse cake for dessert. The speeches were kinda dull, but that it expected. I took the bus today, and was not prepared for the rain. I didn’t bring an umbrella, so it was a damp walk home from the bus stop. My iPod made it better though. I can crank it, and enjoy the feel of fat rain drops on my face.

Angel tonight was awesome! Finally a Connor episode worth watching. I never liked Connor as a character, but tonight he was great. The best part was a comment Spike made that made me laugh, and clap and think of Geoff. He said Wes reeked of 12 year Lagavulin, and how he approved of that. 🙂 Made me wish I had taped it so Geoff could have seen it. It was everything you want from an Angel episode. Makes me mad the WB is discarding the show. But what can you do? No other network will pick it up, claiming they don’t want to pick at other networks scraps. Sigh. There are talks that they may do a Buffy or Angel tv movie, but that would be years away.

Geoff is having a blast in Monterey, which is good. I’d hate if he wasn’t enjoying himself. But it will be nice to have him back Friday. Kitty is adjusting pretty well. I don’t know what she’ll do next month when we go to CA. I wish we could take her with us, but it’s not fun for her to be in her cage all of the drive. She’s happier if she gets to stick to her routine.

I know I usually close with a quote, but tonight, I’m opting for a comic strip.

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