Wish You Were Here

Sigh, I miss Geoff. 🙁

I have a countdown clock to remind me how long it will be until he’s home. We haven’t been apart this long since July 2001, when I went to E-Town for my mom’s wedding, and Lisa & Chad’s wedding. Before that, it was the two weeks I went to E-Town for Dylan’s baptism in 2000. So it’s not unfamiliar for me, it’s just usually I’m the one off galavanting, and he’s at home. Also new is the little man who misses his daddy. Elijah cried at the airport when Geoff left.

Not much else is going on. I have to take a trip to the post office today, and stock up on stamps, since they raised the price. I already took a trip to Target this morning, had the whole store to myself practically. I hope to continue organizing our filing cabinet while Geoff is away. We’ve shredded a ton already, and it’s so great to see progress.

I’m hoping to hear some exciting news about my future nephew or niece today. I’ll keep you posted as I learn stuff.

I watched 28 Days last night, ’cause you all know how I love Sandra Bullock. It was a good movie. So now I’ll close with a quote from it.

Betty: Tonight’s lecture: “What’s wrong with celebrating sobriety by getting drunk?”

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