Early Celebrating

Let the birthday celebrating begin!

Last night I opened my presents (that were here), knowing I was getting some DVDs and wanted to watch something last night. Today we’ll go out to dinner, and we’ll make my cake, but we won’t cut into it until tomorrow. We are having couples group here tomorrow, and birthday cake is best when it’s shared with others (IMHO). I did get some money, so now begins the hemming and hawing of what to spend it on.

I’m awful like that. Do I buy myself some clothes, or do I dare buy myself something off my Amazon wishlist? Do I save my money? Sigh. I’m sure whatever I decide I’ll like it. 🙂

Busy today. Off to Peet’s and a trip to Crate & Barrel to buy dishes. I got a gift card for Christmas, and we ordered another gift card with our AMEX points. We want to get a set of dishes that we use when we have company over for dinner. Especially since we love having friends over for dinner. Here’s what we’re thinking of:

Simple and easy to coordinate with any color.

I’m not freaking out about my age this year. My life is fantastic. I have a wonderful little family, we have a beautiful home, and I have family and friends (near & far) that fill my life with joy (and a little drama sometimes too). Could life get any better?

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