Tidbits (Not To Be Confused With Timbits)

– Elijah’s godparents (one set anyway) Cate & Kaisara are coming for certain! Flights were booked last night. I’m so excited!!!!

– Because Canada can’t seem to get control over mad cows, Lisa was told she couldn’t send me Aero bars?! WTH? She did it anyway, so we’ll see if they arrive.

– I’ve got cool stuff coming up in August, September & October. That makes me smile.

– I totally felt convicted listening to Live What I Believe (Russ Lee), so I’m working on the issues that God has laid upon my heart. Essentially, if I feel like I can’t love someone, I should at least be praying daily for God to show His love to them, and for Him to send other Christians into their life.

– The Kroliks (specifically Abbie) gave Elijah a toy when we were there, and he is now mimicking the sounds it makes. It’s funny.

– When we bought the new umbrella stroller, I really wanted to get the one with an iPod holder on it, that will play the music in a speaker on the canopy. But I’m cheap, so we didn’t get that one. 🙂

– How does one person meet so many famous Brits in one night?! Kelly, you know I’m gonna have to tell everyone that Brave Sir Robin hit on you. Oh and next time please tell Sir Paul I say hi. Lucky lucky girl!

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