Here Comes The Sun

After being stuck in rain clouds all week, the sun is due to return. We are supposed to get back to 90 degree days by tomorrow. Yay! I enjoy a rainy day, but after a week of nothing but rain, it makes it hard to get motivated to do stuff. Also puts a damper on outdoor activities you have planned.

This weekend we didn’t venture out of the house much. We took a trip to the Southlands farmer’s market, which was awesome. Someone was selling homemade ice cream. Thankfully I didn’t have cash on me, otherwise we would have been eating ice cream at 9am. 🙂

We watched Batman Begins (finally) on Friday night. Since Cate liked it, I figured it had to be good (Cate has good taste in movies). Geoff really liked it, but I don’t think I got into it until Lucius Fox was introduced (who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman). Then I felt like I was laughing the rest of the movie. I told Geoff maybe it’s because I’m a girl, I didn’t relate to the struggle of Bruce trying to find himself. Don’t all guys go through that? Anyways, it was an enjoyable movie, maybe even worth buying.

Despite the rain, I did get a big ray of sunshine from Athena. She & Stephanie are coming to visit this fall! With Lisa coming next Spring, I don’t think life could get much better.

I’ll close with a quote from Batman Begins.

Bruce Wayne: Well, you know how it is, Mr Fox. You’re out at night, looking for kicks, someone’s passing around a weaponized hallucinogen.

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