The Hope Is Still Alive

Avs won last night, and Calgary lost. Now if they both can do that two more times…

We got two movies out of the library to watch, Flushed Away, and Flags Of Our Fathers. I’ll be sure to let you know how we liked them once we watch them.

The boys are doing alright. Each day has it’s (or is it its?) own challenges. Yesterday had some rough moments, so Geoff made my favorite for dinner. I’m pretty lucky to have him.

This weekend it’s supposed to be chillier than it has been, with highs in the 40’s (as opposed to the 60’s and 70’s). So I don’t know if the little ones will go running with Daddy. I just hope for no snow on the ground on Sunday, so we can hide eggs in the backyard for Elijah.

The baby’s awake, I gotta go. I’ll close with a quote from this week’s House.

House: I’m looking for a vacation spot.
Dr. Chase: That mean we get a vacation?
House: How would that differ from your current status?

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